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Discover Traditional Sweets You Didn’t Think Were Still Made

Do you remember rushing into the sweet shop after school to spend your pocket money? Or being fed sweets on a long car journey to keep you quiet? Traditional sweets bring back many fond memories and a great sense of nostalgia and are just as popular online today as they were back in our childhoods.

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Barley Sugar is one of the oldest traditional sweets and is a firm family favourite. This classic wrapped golden orange delight was a favourite Christmas treat as far back as Victorian times and was also often consumed as a soothing throat lozenge. Although Barley Sugar may be looked over in favour of new wild and wacky retro or modern sweets, its comforting, warm taste simply can’t be beaten and will definitely take you on a trip down memory lane.

Amongst other traditional sweets are some of our most popular and well-known delights. Cola Cubes, Pineapple Chunks and Lemon Sherbets are loved by the nation and are a classic household must-have that is loved throughout the generations. Old fashioned sweets such as these are made using traditional processes involving copper pans and boiled and coloured sugar. From simple flavours such as Strawberries and Cream to more obscure and unusual ones such as Rhubarb and Ginger, we can guarantee there is something to suit everyone’s fancy and will be delivered to your doorstep with a click of a button online. Coconut Ice is a favourite nostalgic sweet that has the perfect mixture of the natural sweetness of coconut and the delicious, delicate and crumbly texture. These are perfect for keeping mum busy and stopping gran from giving you embarrassing kisses! Along with the great taste, the white and pink pastel colouring of Coconut Ice makes it a great traditional sweet to give as a gift. Why not fill one of our glass sweet jars, available online here with this crumbly treat?

Traditional Sweets are not only a great treat to self, but they are also a fantastic nostalgic delight to give to family and friends – whether its for a particular special occasion or just to show your appreciation. They can come in all shapes and sizes that make a memorable gift for every occasion. A retro PEZ dispenser and refills is the perfect gift for any child (or adult!) and is a great addition to any bedroom or office desk. From a Mickey Mouse dispenser for all you Disney fans out there to a fun Minion one for the kids, PEZ are just as much about the dispenser as they are the sweets inside! Make sure to provide lots of refills though as these delicious fruity sweets will disappear fast. Our Retro Sweets Jar is another great gift suitable for all ages and all numbers of people. This sweet jar is filled to the brim with retro sweets; like those you bought when Sunday night meant homework. There are loads of old faves in here, Mojos, Choc Dips, Anglo Bubble Gum, Refreshers… the list goes on and on. A fab treat for friends, family or colleagues, this jar is brimmin’ with oodles of classic sweets from yesteryear.

Why not take a look here at our range of Traditional and Retro Toys to go alongside some sweet treats? From old school Party Bubbles to fantastically fun Bouncing Putty and Spud Guns – there’s endless fun to be had for all ages! With prices as low as 35p, you really can’t go wrong!

View our full range of Traditional Sweets here!

As for wedding favours, traditional sweets are the perfect bite-sized treat for guests to dig into after dinner and to take home with them at the end of the big day. Candy Cones are delicious strawberry and cream flavoured chocolates shaped like tiny ice cream cones that will not only satisfy a sweet tooth but will look great with any decorations and add a rustic seaside feel. Likewise, our Umbrella Polka Dot foil wrapped chocolate treats would make a pretty place setting for a wedding or a cute party favour.