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Display Your Sweet Favourites in Traditional Sweet Jars

Whether you are planning an event, hosting a party or creating a gift for someone special, traditional sweet jars are the perfect way to display your sweets and give them that extra wow factor!

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Sweet Jars not only make the tasty sweets inside look even more appetising but they also create a nostalgic retro sweet shop vibe that is sure to bring many memories flooding back. Remember those childhood days rushing into the sweet shop on the corner after school to spend all your pocket money? Or cramming as many penny sweets into your pockets as you could in an attempt to hide them from your parents? Although it’s not quite the same as back in the day, sweet jars are a great way to bring out your inner child and re-live the good old days of penny sweets! Along with sweet jars, we also stock tongs, scoops and various coloured paper bags to create a realistic sweet shop feel and add the extra touch.

But a sweet jar isn’t a sweet jar without the contents inside! With every flavour, colour and type of sweet you could ever wish for available here at Keep It Sweet, we have something for everyone to dig into and to satisfy their sweet tooth. Liquorice is a popular traditional favourite that has divided sweet lovers for decades - do you love it or hate it? Personally, we love it! And if you are fellow liquorice lovers, then our huge selection of liquorice goodies is the perfect sweet snack to fill a sweet jar with. From Liquorice Wands complete with delicious sherbet sprinkles to brightly coloured Liquorice Comfits, we have sweets in all shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Or why not treat yourself and your friends and family to a selection of all these tasty treats? (that is if you are willing to share!)

If you can’t decide which scrumptious treats to fill your sweet jars with, or are simply looking for a quick, completely hassle-free option, our range of themed sweet jars are the perfect pre-made option for every occasion. For example, our Football Jar contains all the best retro favourites and football themed goodies for all you footie-fans out there and comes in 3 different sizes for the perfect gift or to help the team get through the next match! From Mini Hand Clapper and Rocket Balloons to Flying Saucers and fizzy Refreshers, you and your team mates will be spoilt for choice with this bumper selection of sweets and treats.

Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone special? If so, our Love Sweet Jar is filled with a range of treats to share with a special someone to show how much you care! From fruity Ring Pops to all-time classic Mini Lovehearts, all your love-themed treats are included for the perfect anniversary or Birthday gift, we also offer a large selection of valentine’s sweets too. Or maybe you’re looking for a more personal gift? If so, then look no further than our Personalised Sweet Jars! Our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is just one of our many themed jars filled with delicious sweets that you can add your own personalised message to create a truly unique gift that is sure to be treasured long after the contents have been devoured. And what’s more, we also offer a selection of gift wrap and card options to make shopping even easier and quicker than ever.

Sweet jars aren’t only all about the contents; they also make a great table or party centrepiece and are a perfect pretty addition in themselves. Our glass bobble-topped sweet jars are available in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes and can be personalised or adapted in a range of different ways to give them an extra special touch, or look great simply as they are. Why not get creative with glass paints? Not only will it create a jar that you can keep for years to come - but it is also a fun activity for a rainy day that both kids and adults alike can get involved in. Or for a more simple approach, simply tie a ribbon or two around the top of the jar to add a splash of colour and instantly add a special touch to a plain jar. You could even match the colour of the ribbon to the sweets inside - for example, pastel ribbons with Flying Saucers, for a bit of highly effective colour coordination!

Maybe you are looking for a sweet jar to keep around the house and treat guests (and yourself) to?! If so, then why not take the opportunity to fill your jar with retro sweets that you haven’t tried before, as well as all of your favourites? All of our sweets are categorised into flavours to help you find what you are looking for, as well as sweets you probably didn’t even know existed! From classic chocolatey treats, to Ginger Creams with a hint of firey hotness, we can guarantee there is something for everyone.

Sweet Jars are also the perfect promotional tool for brands and businesses. Along with our huge range of customised and personalised sweets such as Branded Lollipops, Sweet Pyramids and Neapolitan Chocolates, our Sweet Jars, buckets and tins are perfect for sweetening up prospective customers and clients or to promote and market your products and services in a unique and highly effective way. As well as single branded jars, Sweet Bars are also great to add the wow factor to events and shows. It is (almost!) scientifically proven that nobody can resist a pick-and-mix, so what better way to attract people to a stand or stall and catch their eye than with a range of the most popular tasty retro sweets?

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