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Do you Remember these Retro Sweets?

Do you remember walking back from the sweet shop with pockets full of sticky sweets? Or rushing to catch the school bus after spending your pocket money on retro sweets? Choose from our range of over 400 classic and traditional sweets from decades gone by that are sure to bring back nostalgic memories and satisfy a sweet tooth.

Our Retro Sweets are organised into the decades they were first created or when they were most popular. The 1960s was when sweets saw a boom as sugar rationing had ceased only a decade before. Some of the most famous sixties sweets include Strawberries and Creams, Black Jacks and Bon Bons. Do you remember munching your way through a packet of Candy Sticks or covering yourself head-to-toe in zingy sherbet from a Dip Dab? Many of us have fond memories of 60’s retro sweets and they are still hugely popular to this day. One of the most iconic flavours of the 60s is Aniseed. Whether it be in tightly twirled Aniseed Twists or classic red Aniseed Balls, Aniseed’s unique and distinctive flavour comes from Anise, one of the world’s oldest seeds. The Aniseed plant has been grown in Egypt for over 4,000 years and was originally hung by the Ancient Romans next to their pillows to fend off any bad dreams. Although we cannot guarantee Aniseed sweets will have the same affect, we can be sure that these retro sweets taste truly delicious!

In recent years, retro sweets have become hugely popular gifts. Why not give somebody a selection of the most popular retro sweets to take them on a trip down memory lane and remind them of carefree childhood days? From fruity favourites such as Blackberries and Raspberries to fun (and fashionable) Candy Watches, the huge variety of retro sweets means there is something to everyone’s taste that is sure to put a smile on their face, whether it be for a Birthday, at Christmas or as a thankyou gift. If you are struggling over which tasty treats and retro sweets to choose, why not present somebody with one of our Retro Classics Jars? Filled to the brim with the nation’s favourite retro sweets including cloud-like Flumps, creamy White Mice and tongue-tingling Refresher Bars, this gift will ensure no sweet craving is left unsatisfied and will allow somebody to taste a huge variety of traditional and retro sweet favourites that they may remember from the past or to try new sweet goodies.

Retro Classics Sweet Jar | Keep It SweetRetro Chocolate Mice | Keep It Sweet

We also offer a range of Personalised Sweet Jars filled with classic retro sweets to brighten somebody’s day and create a fun and personal gift. Choose from a range of themed jars including Easter Jars, Love Jars and Boys Sweet Jars and simply enter your message to be printed on the label. A Personalised Sweet Jar can then be used and will bring back many happy memories even once all the delicious retro sweets inside have been devoured!

Retro Sweets not only make a great gift, but are the perfect addition to a wedding. Mini Lovehearts are our most popular sweets for weddings and make cute, bite-sized wedding favours that won’t break the bank. Love Heart sweets are some of the most iconic and popular retro sweets ever and it’s not hard to see why once you’ve tasted one of these delicious fruity delights! First created in 1954, Lovehearts were first put in Christmas Crackers over the festive period. Do you remember turning over each sweet to see what message was written on each one? Lovehearts have had many messages written on them throughout the years, including Royal themed Lovehearts and even technology themed Lovehearts. Did you know, the factory in which they are made has been named ‘The Factory of Love’ after 122 employees have met and fallen in love! If these aren’t the perfect retro sweets for somebody you love or to celebrate a wedding we don’t know what are!

A large number of the most popular retro sweets were from the 80’s. 1980s sweets included Fruit Salads, Fizz Wiz and Parma Violets. One of the greatest things about 80s sweets and one of the things that makes eating retro sweets so fun is the weird and wacky shapes they come in. Do you remember trying to scare Grandma with a pair of Gummy Dracula Teeth? Or eating Milk Bottles to your heart’s content? One of the most well known retro sweets around and arguably the most loved sweet of all time are Cola Bottles. These cola flavoured jelly sweets, shaped like a cola bottle, are impossible to share and even more difficult not to eat all at once! Why not please your inner child with Giant Cola Bottles? Even more juicy cola in every sweet!

Or if you are looking for more sensible and classic retro sweets, traditional sweets are the ones for you. These old-fashioned sweet shop favourites are sure to bring you a great sense of nostalgia and will have you hooked! Some of our most popular traditional retro sweets include fruity Pineapple Chunks, fizzy Lemon Sherbets and gooey Caramel Cups. Why not get stuck in and remember the good old days with a good old chewy Cadbury’s Chocolate Eclair? Or indulge in some colourful and mouth-watering Fizzy Fish? These retro sweets are perfect for sharing amongst your friends and are the perfect mixture of fizzy, chewy and fruity in our opinion.

Not only do retro sweets taste great, but they also look fantastic. Why not make your own centre piece for a party or event with a selection of retro sweets in some of our glass sweet jars? Choose from brightly coloured, eye-catching sweets such as Refresher Bars or Space Pencils, or choose sweets to suit a particular theme, for example, Flying Saucers to match a pastel colour scheme. Whatever the occasion or whichever retro sweets you like, we have something for you, so view our full range here (and try not to make yourself too hungry!)