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Easter Sweets - An Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

Easter’s creeping around the corner - which means it’s time for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Sweet treats and Easter Egg hunts are all part of the seasonal fun, but why not mix it up this year? Here at Keep It Sweet we have hundreds of different sugary Easter Sweets and traditional goodies from years gone by that is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth or two!

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With everything from Mini Eggs to Chocolate Ducks to dig into, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy from our Easter Sweets selection. Yet by far one of the most popular types of Easter Sweets is the classic Easter Egg. Easter Eggs are a famous and much-loved tradition that are simply irresistible and are just as fun to find as they are to gobble straight up! From bite-sized Mini Eggs to larger Milk Chocolate foil-wrapped delights, we have plenty of options to keep the whole family happy and smiling this Easter and are perfect for creating an Easter Egg Hunt that is sure to create happy memories to remember for years to come. Did you know, the largest Easter egg every made was over 25 feet high and weighed over 8,000 pounds? Sadly, we are still working on supplying Easter Sweets this large but our smaller treats are just as delicious and much more fun in a hunt!

Along with the classic Easter Egg, we have plenty of other chocolate treats to help you get into the Easter spirit in no time! Our range of Easter Sweets contains a huge selection of milk, white and dark chocolate delights in many different shapes, colours and varieties. For example, the ‘Big Pig’ and looks almost too good to eat! (only almost!) Brighten somebody’s day with one of these creamy white chocolate goodies or tuck into one yourself after a long day - why not share these out amongst the office for the perfect all-needed sugar boost or be sure to hide these at the back of the cupboards so no sneaky family members snuffle them all up! If a chocolate pig doesn’t take your fancy, our Chocolate Cups are a more sophisticated option that would make a perfect colourful table centre piece or bite-sized after dinner treat. These would also look great displayed in one of our glass sweet jars for a fun and unique coffee table surprise for guests to tuck into or for the perfect spring TV snack!

And believe it or not, Big Pigs are not our only option of novelty shaped Easter Sweets! We also offer everything from Butterfly Lollies to Sugar Mice that are just as fun-shaped as they are truly delicious. One of our personal favourites are the Bunny Easter Pops. These large bunny shaped Lollies are truly delicious and are sure to keep the kids quiet for a bit! The Easter Bunny is said to have originated in Germany and translates as ‘The Easter Hare’. In legends, the bunny carries coloured eggs and sometimes toys around in his basket to deliver to children and originally judged whether children were good or bad at the start of the Easter season. What better way to celebrate the Easter Bunny tradition than with a range of edible bunny-shaped sweets? We also have a selection of large and small Chocolate Rabbits to dig into!

We’re sure many of you also have Easter memories of a childhood argument or two over whose stolen each other’s chocolates or who got the most goodies in the Easter Egg Hunt - we know we do! Our Easter Personalised Sweets Jars are the perfect solution for ensuring a fair deal and is crammed full of delicious goodies that are sure to put a big smile on a child or adult’s face alike. Dig into old classics from Malteasers to Poppets and tuck into some retro sweets including Candy Sticks, Parma Violets and even Flying Saucers for a truly scrumptious sweet fix to keep a sweet tooth satisfied for months! What’s more you can make this gift one to remember by adding your own special message to the label!

View our full range of Easter Sweets here and start planning your epic Easter Egg Hunt!