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Easter Sweets - An Alternative to Chocolate this Easter

Everyone loves a classic chocolate Easter Egg. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, big to small, colourful to plain and simple - the options are endless! But what if we told you that Easter Sweets are just as good, if not better?! Although you may be sceptical, we at Keep It Sweet are here to show you that Easter Sweets are a fantastic and delicious alternative to chocolate this year - here’s just a few reasons why…

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Easter isn’t complete without an egg hunt. Whether you’re going for a fun family affair or a hardcore competitive challenge this year, Easter Sweets are the perfect way to add a bit of excitement to an egg hunt and are sure to make this year’s one to remember. Our huge range of Easter Sweets contains everything from bite-sized individual treats to munch on along the way, to big ol’ prizes and sweet jars for the big prize. One of our personal favourites are Bunny Easter Pops. These large bunny nose shaped lollies not only look fantastic, but taste truly delicious! What’s more, these tasty treats come individually wrapped, so are perfect for sharing around or hiding in sneaky spots around the garden. Another all time classic in the world of Easter Sweets are Sugar Mice. These brightly coloured delights are super scrummy and look surprisingly realistic. Tuck these into hiding spots or share them around amongst friends and family and you’re onto a winner!

Another brilliant use for Easter Sweets is in Easter bakes and cakes. A true childhood favourite is Easter Nests. Get yourself some shredded wheat and melted chocolate and these treats couldn’t be easier to make! These are a great fun snack to make for both kids and adults alike and can be decorated with a whole host of delicious Easter Sweets. Either stick with classic pastel Chocolate Mini Eggs for the true ‘nest’ effect or why not mix it up with fruity Fried Eggs, bobbly White Stars or even fun Jelly Bean Eggs? You could even try Easter brownies, cupcakes or cookies with any of our Easter Sweets for a brilliant spring treat - you’re sure to be popular amongst friends and family!

Or maybe you’re looking for a more unique alternative to an Easter Egg as a gift this year? If so, then look no further than our fantastic selection of Easter Sweets and gifts. Our Personalised Easter Sweet Jar is available in two different sizes and is sure to wow someone this year. Crammed full of old school favourites including Candy Sticks, White Mice and Love Hearts, along with special Easter themed treats, this mouth-watering jar of delights is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, whoever the lucky receiver! This bumper sweet tooth solver is also the perfect gift for families this year - just be sure to get in there quick to get your favourites! Another great Easter Sweets gift is our Retro Favours. Great for parties, gatherings or even as a gift to self, these favours are sure to go down a treat, whatever the occasion and we can’t think of a better reason than Easter to tuck into some sweet delights! Add your own personal message and you can be sure that this Easter will be one to remember for years to come! From deliciously chewy Drumstick Lollies to whiz popping Fizz Wiz - there is something for everyone to enjoy inside this favours - and what’s more, they won’t break the bank!

Easter is famously associated with all things pastel. From spring chicks to colourful flowers - Easter Sweets are no exception to this theme! Here at Keep It Sweet we have plenty of pastel and spring coloured sweets to add a splash of colour to your Easter decorations and to really add to the whole Easter theme. Foam Shrimps and Bananas are just one of the pastel themed sweets we have on offer and are a true childhood classic - not only do they taste oh-so delicious but they come with a side helping of nostalgia and memories from years gone by! Another absolute classic are Bon Bons. Available in a huge variety of different flavours - from lemon to toffee - these chewy delights are a true traditional sweet shop staple and were a favourite for spending our pocket money on! Candy Letters were another childhood favourite that you could tie into the Easter colour scheme. These colourful alphabet shaped treats are so darn fruity that you’ll never want to stop spelling!

View our full selection of Easter Sweets here and get choosing your treats before the day rolls around!