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Get Creative With Old Fashioned Glass Sweet Jars

You’ve devoured all the tasty contents of your glass sweet jars, but just what to do with them now? Whether you decide to re-fill them with all your favorite sweets and treats or get creative and make something new, the options are endless! Here are just a few ideas…

Glass Sweet Jar - Keep It SweetBritish sweet jar opened - Keep It Sweet

One of the most popular options to bring your old glass sweet jars back to life is to fill them up again with sweets and treats. From traditional classics to retro sweets straight from your school days, here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of sugary goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of our favorite retro sweets are from the 90s. 90s sweets included plenty of iconic classics - from Melody Pops to Sherbet Straws, the 90s sure hit the nail on the head in terms of sweets! Why not take a trip down memory lane and fill your glass sweet jars with a few 90s classics to get your taste buds tingling or give a jar to a friend?

We also stock plenty of delicious retro sweets that look just as great as they taste, in a variety of colours to add a splash of colour to old glass sweet jars and to put a smile on anybody’s face. One of the most iconic colourful sweets of all time is Flying Saucers. These tongue tingling sherbet filled delights are a true crowd pleaser and look great displayed in a jar... beware though, they might not stay in there for long! Having previously been ranked as Britain’s number one favourite sweet of all time, you can’t go wrong with this timeless option. Other bright and vibrant sweets include fruity Beach Mix, delicious Blue Eyes and ever-lasting Gobstoppers - if that doesn’t tempt you we don’t know what will!

Another fantastic and creative way to bring new life to boring empty glass sweet jars is with fairy lights. Choose some pretty battery powered lights, place in your jar and voila! A super easy and quick table or garden decoration that looks stunning! You could even choose different coloured lights and create a whole selection of jars! Or for an even simpler option, simply place a tea light in one of our glass sweet jars and you’re sorted - decoration couldn’t be easier. Place around the house for those cosy winter nights or save for summer barbecues, these are super simple but so effective and pretty looking, why not invest in a few sweet treats to munch on at the same time?!

Or take a different approach and create your very own vase or vintage plant pot with old glass sweet jars that look great as well as do the job. Not only do they look great, but they are also sure to keep your plants happy that otherwise would not survive the winter outside. Or for a more abstract take on this traditional idea, why not fill a sweet jar with some milk chocolate flowers? They are just as beautiful as real flowers in our eyes and taste a million times better! This is also the perfect gift for any budding gardeners out there!

On the topic of gifts, glass sweet jars are the perfect way to create unique presents for all occasions that are sure to put a big smile on someone’s face and that they are sure to remember for years to come. Simply fill a jar with their favourite sweets and treats or take a look here at some of our themed sweet jars, including our Boys Jar and even a Spooky Jar, where there is sure to be something for everyone. We even offer personalised sweet jars for you to add a special twist to any gift and plastic sweet jars for the more clumsy people out there! Or if you have empty glass sweet jars on a larger scale, why not create your very own sweet bar for a party or event? All you need then is some tongs, scoops and paper bags and you’ll have a perfect, authentic traditional sweet shop of your very own!

 View our full selection of sweets here and start getting creative!