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Get prepared for Halloween and buy your sweets online

You’ve got your scary costume ready and your pumpkins carved, but what about the sweets? Buy all your spooky sweets and treats online and get ready to scare your friends and neighbours this Halloween. 

Whether you love it or dread it, Halloween is a time for all things sweet and all things frightening, and is the one time of year you don’t need to make an excuse to satisfy your sugar craving! Our huge range of occasional sweets is perfect for adding the thrill factor to a party or for scaring the trick or treaters at the door. We have plenty of bite-sized sweets to hand out to the tiny witches, various superheroes and the occasional pumpkin that come knocking at your door. Ensure you are not the disappointing household who forgets the day or runs out of sweets and stock up on goodies including creamy Chocolate Eyeballs and delicious Fizzy Fangs that are guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s (and accompanying adult’s) face.

Chocolate Eyeballs | Keep It SweetJelly Pumpkins | Keep It Sweet

Out of all our chillingly chomp-tastic sweets, many of the most popular are Jelly Sweets. Not only do jelly sweets taste mouth-wateringly delicious, but they are the perfect occasional sweets due to the seemingly never-ending range of shapes and forms they come in. Jelly Sweets are some of the most popular sweets of all time and were first created as Gummy Bears in Germany. Other common shapes include Cola Bottles, rings and hearts…but at Halloween it’s time to shake it up and add a bit of horror and gore! From jelly Severed Fingers to Jelly Bats and Brains, these fruity flavoured delights are so grotesquely gruesome yet so terrifyingly tasty! Scare Gran with a brightly coloured Jelly Rat or add a shocking surprise to your sweet bowl with wiggly Jelly Snakes and many other occasional sweets. Yum!

We also offer occasional sweets that make the perfect ghastly gifts and contain a variety of popular spook-tastic sweet treats that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth. Why not give somebody a Personalised Spooky Jar to add a little sweetness to their Halloween and add your own personal touch? Available in both sizes small and large, this jar contains sweets including Sherbet Fountains, Push Pops and Rainbow Drops that are sure to brighten somebody’s day and is the perfect gift for someone special or any hardcore Halloween lovers out there.

Buy your occasional sweets online to avoid any unnecessary hassle or stress when planning your Halloween party. Why not fill plastic jars with Jelly Frogs and Fizzy Spiders for people to munch on or why not fill jars with a mixture of sweet White Mice and sour Toxic Waste and create a fun Halloween pick and mix that is sure to impress your guests. Not only will sweet jars containing occasional sweets provide a sweet treat in between dancing and scaring the other guests, but they will also look great and can easily be made to look eerie and authentically terrifying. Simply add a few of our Jumping Spiders and maybe a few cobwebs into the mix and you can create a stunning and spooky decoration.

Or why not send your guests home with a Scary Party Bag, filled to the brim with gruesome goodies. Disgust your guests with Jelly Snails or let them feel the soft centre of a Jelly Brain squirt into their mouth. Eurghh! Along with other treats including Dracula Teeth and Tongue Painter Lollies, a party bag is sure to send your guests home with great memories and will create a party to remember. As for fun Halloween party challenges involving sweets, why not see who dares eat a dreaded Toxic Waste? Or see which of your friends can handle a sour tutti fruity Snot Shot!

If you are not one for getting fully dressed up at Halloween, we have plenty of occasional sweets that are perfect for munching on whilst fully immersing yourself in a scary film. Our Terror Tubs make for a great Halloween gift and is the ideal size for sharing amongst friends or is great for gobbling up all for yourself! Choose from a tub of Brains, a bucket of Snails or a selection of Jelly Worms to name a few and get into the full Halloween spirit whilst scaring yourself from the comfort of your own sofa! Or if you can’t decide, why not choose a selection of sweets to cure your sweet tooth and sample a selection of the delicious treats we have on offer. If you are a fizzy sweets fan, we have plenty of tongue-tingling delights to take your fancy, including Fizzy Fangs - a favourite crowd pleaser and the perfect sweets for turning into a real-life vampire! Or maybe you are a chocolate fan, if so our giant, foil-wrapped Chocolate Eyeballs, or slightly cuter Milk Chocolate Pumpkins taste deliciously creamy and are sure to brighten your day. If you enjoy full-on eye-watering, cheek-aching sour sweets, why not try a sourest of sour Toxic Waste Bar or Gumpowder bubblegum pieces for a guaranteed wake up of your tastebuds!

Along with all of our spooky treats and Halloween sweets, we also have a range of Retro Toys that will add the extra scare-factor to any party, including Jumping Spiders, and Flexi Faces for taunting your friends and family with, which you can view here.

We also offer occasional sweets for every time of year, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, we have Party Bags, Personalised Sweet Jars and individual delights that will add the wow factor to any occasion and will sweeten up every event. View our full range of occasional Halloween sweets here and buy yours online today to avoid the stress of the shops and to eliminate any mad last-minute panics!