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Glass Sweet Jars - The Nostalgic Sweetshop Favourite

Display your favourite retro sweets and take a trip down memory lane with our fantastic selection of glass sweet jars. Not only are glass sweet jars the perfect way to store all your favourite sweets and treats, but they also look fantastic and are an easy way to add a special touch to your home.

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Here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of glass sweet jars to choose from, in many different shapes and sizes. From massive 5 litre Boutique Glass Jars to cute, pint-sized 250ml bobble-topped jars, we have something for every occasion and to fit all budgets. One of our favourite uses for glass sweet jars is as a gift. Why not fill a jar with somebody’s favourite retro sweets for a unique gift that is sure to put a big smile on their face? Or alternatively, why not spruce up your coffee table and impress your guests with a jar of mouth watering goodies?

If you are stuck for ideas on what to fill your glass sweet jars with, why not take a look at our fantastic range of traditional sweets? Traditional sweets from years gone by are the perfect sweet treats to fill a jar with and are sure to bring back many childhood memories of penny sweets and the days of pocket money. One of the most iconic traditional sweets that you are sure to remember is Rhubarb and Custards. The mother of all boiled sweets, these old favourites are oh so delicious and are based on the classic British dessert. Stick some of these in a jar for the perfect gift or ‘gift-to-self’ that looks just as great as it tastes. If you’re really a fan, why not try some Rhubarb Rock or Rhubarb and Custard Pips for a fun twist on this classic treat?

Along with Glass Sweet Jars, we also have a brilliant range of plastic sweet jars for a safer and more child friendly option. Why not take a look here at some of our pre-filled themed jars? Our Football Jar is just one of our many themed options that is sure to impress any sweet-toothed footie fans out there. Celebrate your team’s next match with Milk Chocolate Footballs and even a Mini Hand Clapper, or treat your pals to Curly Wurlys, Malteasers and Drumstick Lollies after training. Or why not show a special someone how much you care with a Love themed jar? Filled with heart shaped goodies and other delights including Flumps and Lovehearts, you can’t go wrong with this unique and thoughtful gift.

As well as themed plastic and glass sweet jars, we also have Personalised Sweet Jars for you to add your own message to create a gift to remember or a brilliant addition to your house. One of our most popular jars is our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar, which is available in various different sizes and contains some of the most popular retro sweets from years gone by. Not only is this jar sure to make somebody’s tongue tingle, but it is also a brilliant keep sake and the jar can be used again and again, long after the delicious sweets inside have been devoured.

Glass Sweet Jars have many other uses for once the sweets are gone or if you are looking for a great way to recycle an old jar. Other than simply re-filling with your favourite sweets again, why not create a festive Christmas decoration with your old jar? Simply add a tea light or fairy lights for a super simple option, or go a step further with glass paints to create a truly unique tree decoration. Why not even create your very own snow globe with your old jar and a whole lot of glitter?! Even if you don’t want to get creative with your glass sweet jars, they are brilliant for storage of kitchen ingredients, pens and stationery or the random bits and bobs that you can never find a home for!

Another brilliant use for glass sweet jars is for parties and events. Our Sweet Bars are always a popular option when catering for larger numbers and look simply stunning. Complete with tongs, scoops and paper bags for an authentic traditional sweet shop feel, your guests are sure to leave smiling with bags full of Fizzy Mix, Jelly Babies and many more old school favourites. Why not even create your very own personalised sweet bar for your wedding or event containing all your favourite or themed retro sweets to impress your guests? Simply choose your jars and your sweets, put them together and you’re away! It really couldn’t be easier!

View our full range of glass sweet jars here.