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How Branded Confectionery can be a fun and effective way to impress

Everybody loves sweets, so what better way to promote your business and impress customers and clients than with branded confectionery?

Personalised sweets are the ideal choice for all businesses and there is something to suit every budget. This quick and effective promotional method allows great flexibility and is made unique to your business or event. Personalised Bags of Sweets are one of the most popular choices of branded confectionery. The options for the contents of these branded bags are endless and could be filled with Boiled Sweets, Jelly Beans or some of our most popular retro sweets. Jelly Beans are an ideal choice to attract clients and customers and to promote your business. Hand these fruity delights out and you are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Customised sweets are an even more fun and unique way to market your business or to promote an event. The lead times can be longer due to variables being changed during manufacture - but it is definitely worth it. From Rock Pieces to Bon Bons, there are several options to choose from and the flavours, colours, packaging and shape can all be chosen by you to make your branded confectionery as effective as possible. Chocolate Shapes are one of the most delicious and most fun methods of using sweets for promotion. Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate and over 100 different mould shapes with themes including animals and vehicles. For example, what about Electronic Devices shaped chocolates for a technology firm or Cars and vehicles for a car firm?

Or why not choose some of our more unusual options to really make your business or event stand out? Printed Rice Paper is a fun and quirky way to promote a brand or product and is available in full colour print and various shapes. These unique edible delights melt in your mouth and are sure to impress clients and customers. Rice Paper shapes would also make great cake toppers for an event or party and will jazz up any cupcakes!

View our full range of branded confectionery here and don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you create any sweet treats.