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How Branded Sweets Can Help Clients To Remember Your Business

With new businesses entering the market every day and the internet paving the way for ever-increasing competition, it's becoming harder and harder to ensure that customers and clients remember your business. Get your brand name heard and guarantee it sticks with Branded Sweets from here at Keep It Sweet – one of the most fun and unique ways to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd…

Sweet giveaways are the perfect cheap, yet highly effective, a method of getting your business name out there in a unique way. Whether this be at an event, meeting, or in a shop, we have plenty of affordable and fun promotional sweets to put a smile on even the fussiest of customer’s faces. One of our most popular options is Personalised Chocolate Coins. These traditional favourites are full of history and are a common stocking filler over the festive period. Reignite the excitement of Christmas with these tasty chocolate treats and associate potential customer’s and client’s happy memories with your business in order to make them feel as if they have really hit the jackpot! Choose from silver and gold coins of different sizes and we will brand them with your company logo to create a truly unique and innovative personalised sweets just for you!


Black Candy Bag | Keep It SweetBespoke Logo Lollies | Keep It Sweet


Remember a trip to the seaside with delicious fruity Rock? Or giving your taste buds a shock and a half with extreme tongue-tingling Toxic Waste? Retro Sweets are not only truly scrumptious but can also bring back many nostalgic memories and ignite plenty of happy feelings and thoughts. So what better way to make an impact on customers and clients than with promotional sweets? Not only are free sweets a guaranteed way to draw their attention, but by connecting your business with the tasty goodies and happy memories that go alongside them, using promotional sweets is sure to give your brand a great reputation and leave a powerful lasting impression.

Another great, simple marketing tool and perfect giveaway promotional sweets are Custom Fortune Cookies. Fortune Cookies were said to have been invented in 1918 and originally contained Bible verses and inspirational messages and were given away for free on the streets in Los Angeles. Nowadays, they contain everything from recommended lottery numbers to various cryptic and mystical predictions and are much loved around the world. Whether you are looking to get a point across, thank somebody for their repeat custom or to attract new business, custom fortune cookies are a sure way of achieving your marketing goals in a fantastically fun way. Add your own message or image to the inside of this unique product and simply wait for people to tuck in…

Along with our bite-sized branded sweets, we also offer a selection of larger sweet bars, sweet carts and a whole host of other corporate goodies to add the special touch to your brand promotion. Our Sweet Bars are sure to entice any sweet-toothed potential clients and customers at any event and are guaranteed to add the wow factor. Once people sniff out free sweets you are sure to draw a crowd! Containing scoops, tongs and brightly coloured paper bags to create the full traditional sweet shop vibe, a sweet bar is sure to bring back many happy memories which people will then associate with your brand. Check out some of our ready made sweet bar options containing some of the most popular retro sweets or don’t hesitate to get in contact for help getting stuck into making your own truly unique marketing tool.

Or maybe you have an idea for a business promotion or marketing project involving sweets? If so, here at Keep It Sweet we can provide you with large bulk amounts of sweets for your events and customers and to help you make crazy ideas become a reality! In the past we have worked with businesses, film production companies and many others on everything from cars made of sweets to creating edible, interactive sets and displays in stores. From a tonne of Flumps to thousands of Flying Saucers, whatever your idea, don’t hesitate to get in contact to see what we can do.

View our full range of promotional sweets online here and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us with any queries you may have.