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How Branded Sweets Can Improve Brand Awareness

With social media ever expanding and new businesses starting up faster than any of us can keep up it is proving harder and harder to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Traditional promotional stationery is ever more samey and brands are trying newer wilder and wackier marketing techniques. If you are looking for a new way to win back business and ensure your brand is reaching its full potential then look no further than Branded Sweets - the perfect unique and highly effective way to promote your brand. 

Personalised Party Bags | Keep It Sweet Branded Sweet Bags | Keep It Sweet

The first great way to use Branded Sweets to win you new business is through promotional sweet giveaways. Here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of affordable, bite-sized retro and traditional sweets that are perfect for giving away at corporate events and meetings that are sure to put a smile on people’s faces and ensure they associate your brand with great things for years to come. One of our favourite products are Branded Pillow Boxes. Available in a variety of different sizes and filled with any sweets of your choice, these Perspex boxes are branded with your logo or customised design and are sure to attract attention from a mile away. With a lead time of as little as 3 days, these are a perfect way to add a unique twist to your marketing campaigns and satisfy a sweet tooth or two along the way. Why not fill Pillow Boxes with some of the most popular retro sweets from years gone by to take potential customers and clients on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and resurface happy memories which will then be associated with your brand? From tongue tingling Fizzers to deliciously juicy Fruit Salad chews, the options are endless! 

Some of the quickest and most effective ways of creating a great tasting, great value product is with personalised sweets. Personalised sweets often involve branding a sweet with a sticker or a label, or branding a bag of sweets to your specification. Choose from everything from Personalised Party Bags to Personalised Lollies to add the extra wow factor to an event or to reward your loyal customers and show your appreciation. One popular and affordable personalised branded sweets options is Personalised Rock. Remember childhood days spent on the seaside munching away on this classic British delight? Remember trying to eat it all up before having to put it into your pocket and making it all sticky?! Add your branded label to this traditional favourite or go all out and customise the colour, flavour, pattern and even lettering to match your brand theme and to impress even the grumpiest of clients! 

For an even more personal and memorable marketing tool, why not sweeten up clients and customers with our range of customised sweets? Leave a lasting impression and create a great brand reputation with these truly scrumptious branded sweets. From deliciously creamy Chocolate Shapes to custom fortune cookies, you will be spoilt for choice with our great range of promotional treats and goodies. Sweetangles are the latest addition to our extensive range and are fast proving to be highly popular. These fun shaped boxes are available in a variety of different colours and with the choice of sweets to go inside, they are the perfect marketing tool. Why not go a step further and choose sweets to match your industry or brand colour scheme to really pull together your promotion?  

Another great use for branded sweets is in meetings. Along with the endless cups of coffee, why not add a unique twist to the board room with some Printed Biscuits? Available to be printed with your brand’s logo or personal artwork, ensure to leave a lasting impression and put a smile on even the fussiest eater’s face with these delicious and truly original snacks. Choose whether you want them individually wrapped to create bite-sized treats to take away, flow wrapped or boxed and dig into them in as little as 2 weeks - after all, we challenge you to name one person you know who doesn’t love a biscuit!  

Or another fantastic way to sweeten up the meeting room is with a Branded Sweet Jar (or two!). With jars available in all sizes and in both glass and plastic, the sky really is the limit when it comes to branded sweets jars. Take a browse through our huge selection of retro and traditional sweets today and get creating your very own special sweet promotion. If you’re struggling to choose between all the tasty options, why not select a few of our old school classics to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories to your clients? For example, Jelly Babies are the perfect fruity delights to get ideas flowing, or Cola Cubes are sure to get tongues tingling and bring back many childhood memories.  

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