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How Corporate Sweets Can Help To Close Your Deals

Fed up of flyers, posters and pencils? Corporate Sweets are the perfect way to ensure your business stands out from the crowd and is a unique way to mix up the old marketing tricks. Attract potential customers and clients at an event, impress partners at meetings and entice people over with the power of free goodies - branded sweets are great for all occasions, no matter what your business type.

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The first great way of using Corporate Sweets to win you new business is through promotional sweet giveaways. Here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of affordable, bite-sized traditional and retro sweets that are perfect for giving away at corporate events and meetings that are sure to put a smile on people’s faces and ensure they associate your brand with great things for years to come. One of our favourite products are Branded Pillow Boxes. Available in a variety of different sizes and filled with any sweets of your choice, these Perspex boxes are branded with your logo or customised design and are sure to attract attention from a mile away. With a lead time of as little as 3 days, these are a perfect way to add a unique twist to your marketing campaigns and satisfy a sweet tooth or two along the way. Why not fill Pillow Boxes with some of the most popular retro sweets from years gone by to take potential customers and clients on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and resurface happy memories which will then be associated with your brand? From tongue tingling Fizzers to deliciously juicy Fruit Salad chews, the options are endless!

Another brilliant Corporate Sweet product is Sweet Pyramids. From only £0.20 per unit, these are a brilliant marketing tool that won’t break the bank and are also highly effective and hassle free. Simply choose from the 3 sweet options - Jelly Beans, Jelly Bears and Mints, send us over your branding artwork for the packaging and then sit back and wait for these tasty goodies to arrive. Stack these up on a table in a meeting room or hand these out as a staff incentive to get through that mid-slump around the office and you’re onto a winner!

Along with our bite-sized Corporate Sweets, we also offer a selection of larger sweet bars, sweet carts and a whole host of other branded goodies to add the special touch to your promotion. Our Sweet Bars are sure to entice any sweet-toothed potential clients and customers at any event and are guaranteed to add the wow factor. Once people sniff out free sweets you are sure to draw a crowd! Containing scoops, tongs and brightly coloured paper bags to create the full traditional sweet shop vibe, a sweet bar is sure to bring back many happy memories which people will then associate with your brand. Check out some of our ready-made sweet bar options containing some of the most popular retro sweets or don’t hesitate to get in contact for help getting stuck into making your own truly unique marketing tool.

Along with delicious and tasty Corporate Sweets, we also have a great range of tins, moulds and containers to really set them off and to add even more excitement to any sweet promotion. For example, our Plastic Moulds are available in shapes from trains to dinosaurs and when filled with sweets are simply irresistible! Or Custom Tins also make the perfect giveaway prize or staff incentive and offer a huge amount of customisation options. You can even brand these tins with your organisation’s logo, artwork or personal message to create an amazing product that will blow clients and customers away.

Speaking of staff incentives, why only treat clients to a sweet treat? We believe there is no better way to say thank you to or to show your appreciation than with sweets. From hampers to share amongst the office to individual tongue-tingling delights, we have plenty of branded sweets to put a smile on every employee’s face. Why not try out our Retro Pyramids or Retro Cubes containing all our childhood favourites - have a competition with some fruity Anglo Bubbly or have a bit of fun turning your tongue black with classic Black Jacks (maybe not the best idea before a big meeting though!)

Keep It Sweet now has a new brand solely dedicated to corporate sweets. Check us out at Bite My Brand and see our range of branded sweets today and please don’t hesitate to get in touch to create your perfect sweet marketing tool.