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How Many of These Jelly Sweets Can You Remember?

Jelly Sweets are some of the most popular sweets around and are a true childhood favourite for many. Take a trip straight down memory lane with our brilliant selection of Jelly Sweets that come in a whole host of various weird and wacky shapes, flavours and colours! No matter what your age, we can guarantee you won’t be able to resist these delicious treats - here’s our top 10 favourites…

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1.       Our ultimate favourite Jelly Sweets are (of course!) Cola Bottles! These iconic retro sweets are one of the most popular sweets of all time and are simply irresistible. Remember spending your pennies on these in a pick and mix? Or sneaking a few when your mum wasn’t looking? Deliciously chewy and with a mouth-watering tang, these are the perfect treats for every cola enthusiast out there! Or why not go big or go home with GIANT Cola Bottles!? Satisfy a large appetite or make your sugar fix last even longer with these delicious old school classics. Why go small when you can go large?

2.       Another favourite when it comes to Jelly Sweets are Fruit Jellies. Sure to make your mouth water, these are packed full of fruity flavour and are shaped as different fruits, meaning they look just as great as they taste. Why not spread the love amongst family and friends and pop a few of these Jelly Sweets in one of our fantastic Sweet Jars for the ultimate sweet gift? Or go a step further and decorate your own jar and create a truly unique and memorable gift? The options are endless!

3.       Along with Fruit Jellies, Jelly Tots are another fruity favourite that will never get old. These Jelly Sweets are a go-to for people of all ages - and it’s not hard to see why! These bite-sized sugary tots are oh-so packed with flavour and are just impossible to not eat by the handful. Ever since they were first launched back in 1965 Jelly Tots have proved to be a crowd pleaser time and time again. Will these ever get old? We don’t think s

4.       Or maybe you’re after some Jelly Sweets for a particular occasion? If so, then look no further than here at Keep It Sweet, as we have Jelly Sweets suitable for everything and everyone! Our Jelly Horror Mix is the perfect spooky treat for all the thrill-seekers out there. It might not be Halloween just yet, but these are the perfect horror film snack to satisfy a sweet tooth with! Why not recreate the ultimate cinema experience and place these in some of our paper sweet bags for a truly spooky night?

5.       And Jelly Horror Mix aren’t the only sweets that come in fun shapes. Jelly Pint Pots are an all-time favourite here at Keep It Sweet and look just as great as they taste. These beer bottle shaped treats are perfect as the summer months roll in and the barbeques begin. These soft jellies taste just like beer, but with the benefit of containing no alcohol - meaning you can eat and drive! Share amongst your mates or use them to sweeten up your dad before you ask for something and you’re onto a winner. We couldn’t think of anything better!

6.       Out of all the Jelly Sweets we have on offer, one of our all time childhood favourites were Jelly Snakes. These soft, fruity delights are so delicious and there is something about eating a slithery, wiggling snake that is very satisfying! And as well as being completely and utterly delicious, these are perfect for taunting and scaring your friends and family with. Hissssss!

7.       Another all-time classic in the Jelly Sweets world is Fried Eggs. Although these are technically Foam Sweets, they are just too good not to mention! These number one sweet shop favourites are one of the most well known traditional sweets around and are unlike any others. Do you remember grabbing a hand full of these to smuggle into your paper bag, and then getting home and tipping all your sweets out and guzzling these ones first as you just couldn't wait any longer?! We do! These weirdly appetizing eggs are so darn scrumptious! Try them today!

8.       Next up is another true old time classic - Jelly Babies! These sweets have been around as long as we can remember - in fact, they were first invented as ‘Peace Babies’ to mark the end of the First World War, until they were renamed Jelly Babies in 1953. And what’s more, these tasty delights are even more delicious due to the fact they all have individual names! Tuck into Baby Bonny, Bigheart, Boofuls, Brilliant, Bubbles and Bumper - what are you waiting for!

9.       Or for a more toned down approach to Jelly Sweets, then why not stick your teeth into some scrumptious Milk Bottles? These milky gums are so deliciously milky and a true classic that is not to be missed!

10.   Finally on our top 10 Jelly Sweets are Fizzy Blue Bottles. These are the fizziest sweet bottles of them all are have a simply irresistible bubblegum flavour to them. Make your taste buds tingle and your mouth water with these childhood favourites - can you still handle the fizz?

View our full selection of Jelly Sweets here and start re-living the old memories!