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How Promotional Sweets Can Bring Exposure for Your Business

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Its ever harder to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. Go further than your competitors and ensure your business gets the exposure it deserves with our fantastic range of Promotional Sweets from here at Keep It Sweet. You cant go wrong with these eye-catching delights that won’t break the bank! 

‘Sensory marketing’ is fast becoming recognised as one of the most effective advertising methods. The first time we taste or smell something new, we subconsciously connect this scent to an item or person and after that the scent or taste will trigger this memory each time you experience it again. This is why branded and promotional sweets are an extremely effective marketing tool and are guaranteed to make your brand or event memorable for clients and customers.  

Trying to impress clients during meetings with limited time and space can be difficult. Promotional sweets are the perfect meeting snack to make somebody smile and bring potential clients a sense of nostalgia and to take them on a trip down memory lane to their childhoods. Sweet Cubes and Pyramids are one of our most popular options here at Keep It Sweet and it’s not hard to see why! These bite-sized Perspex boxes filled with all the best retro sweets from years gone by, including tongue-tingling Fizzers and dreamy Mini Lovehearts are perfect for providing the all-needed sugar fix to brighten up a dull meeting and are sure to get the creative ideas flowing! These are also available to fill with your own sweets if you have a preference - take a look here at our full range of retro sweets, including all of your childhood favourites. For example, Fruit Salads are some of the most iconic retro sweets of all time and are the perfect tangy chews to satisfy a sweet tooth and to ensure potential clients think only good things about your brand. Sadly though, these classic chews don’t count as one of your five-a-day… 

Or another fantastic way to sweeten up the meeting room is with a Branded Sweet Jar (or two!). With jars available in all sizes and in both glass and plastic, the sky really is the limit when it comes to branded sweets jars. Take a browse through our huge selection of retro and traditional sweets today and get creating your very own special sweet promotion. If you’re struggling to choose between all the tasty options, why not select a few of our old school classics to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories to your clients? For example, Jelly Babies are the perfect fruity delights to get ideas flowing, or Cola Cubes are sure to get tongues tingling and bring back many childhood memories.  

We offer hundreds of different retro and traditional sweets, from Flying Saucers to colourful Beach Mix, there is something out there for everyone. Using sweets will ensure your business stands out from the crowd and will make a big impact, as well as being an enjoyable way to engage with customers and clients. As sensory marketing is proven to be a highly effective method, what better way to win client’s approval than through their taste buds! 

Or maybe you have an idea for a business promotion or marketing project involving sweets? If so, here at Keep It Sweet we firmly believe that the options are endless and have worked with many companies and events organisers in the past on projects of all sizes (even an edible life-sized car made of sweets!), so whatever your idea, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! 

Branded confectionery can be adapted and made in a huge range of different forms, colours and flavours that will guarantee to attract clients and make your brand stand out at a corporate event. If you have an idea for a corporate promotion involving sweets then don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss what we can do to create a great sweet promotion for you. View our corporate sweets range today to see what we have to offer.