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How to Decorate Your Empty Sweet Jars

Not only are sweet jars great for holding all of our favourite sweet treats in, but once all the delicious contents have been devoured they are also perfect for storage and decoration. Here are our top 10 ideas on how to decorate sweet jars…

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1.       Our first idea is to paint your empty jar. Allow both yourself and the kids to get creative - whether or not you have a set idea in mind or simply want to let your creative juices flow, using paint to decorate sweet jars is a sure fun activity for a rainy day and will give you a jar to keep and treasure for years to come. Why not use stencils to create a truly professional looking jar that would make the perfect gift or keep sake? If you don’t have glass paints available, you could even use nail varnish for a cheap way to get crafty!

2.       Another fantastic way to decorate sweet jars is to simply add a tea light. Placing a tea light or candle in our smaller glass sweet jars is the perfect unique way to add a special touch to your home and is a must have addition to all the summer BBQs in the months to come. Why not create a collection of tea light jars or decorate sweet jars with lights in along a string to create your very own hanging fairy light effect? If you want to go one step further, you could even make your very own candle to go inside the jar and even create candles of different colours.

3.       If you want to decorate sweet jars without the mess of paints then stickers and ribbon are a great easy alternative. Let the kids go wild and decorate their own jar for the perfect summer holiday activity for those looong 6 weeks off! If you want a super quick and easy way to decorate sweet jars then simply tie a ribbon around the bobble topped lids of one of our sweet jars and you instantly have a beautiful jar for use as decoration at an event or to store things in around the house.

4.       Our next way to decorate sweet jars is to create your very own snow globe. Get crafty with whatever you want to put in your snow globe - whether it be traditional festive items or even photos and pictures and then simply add distilled water, a touch of glycerin and as much glitter as you please to create a truly unique magical globe. Just be prepared to unintentionally sparkle for weeks to come if you’re using glitter!

5.       Plants are another quirky way to decorate sweet jars. Simply choose your favourite small plant and add some soil to create the perfect coffee table accessory or you could even create a terrarium in your empty jar.  To do this, simply choose a few different coloured soils and pebbles, along with one or two small plants and layer them to create a beautiful pint-sized greenhouse that is perfect for your home or office.

6.       Along the theme of plants, a simply way to decorate sweet jars is to make a vase. Decorate the outside of the jar or just add flowers for one of the simplest and quickest ways to instantly add the wow factor to your empty sweet jar. Our 2 litre glass sweet jar is the perfect size for displaying a big bunch of beautiful flowers.

7.       Our next super simple idea on how to decorate sweet jars is to add fairy lights. This is a great way to create a pretty and unique night light for yourself or for children and paired with one of our brightly coloured sweet jar lids is great for giving your jar a glow. If you then decide to do so, its then super simply to take out the fairy lights and re-fill your jar with some tasty retro sweets - we recommend tangy Flying Saucers. Yum!

8.       Filling your empty jar with all the ingredients to make cookies is the perfect beautiful and fun gift for a loved one or friend. Weigh out all the dry ingredients needed to make cookies and then place them in the jar. Tie a ribbon around the top for the finishing touch and then give as a gift - then all that person has to do is add any other ingredients needed and pop the cookies in the oven (and eat them of course!) This is not only a great thoughtful gift for busy people who are always on the go, but is as much fun to make and display as it is to give.

9.       Another great way to decorate sweet jars is with old fabric, twine or doilies. Simply tie some old fabric around the jar to give it the instant wow factor or even cover the lid with some old fabric to up-cycle your jar. Not only is this a quick way to create a beautiful jar, but is also the perfect way to use up old fabric scraps that have been lying around for a while.

10.   Finally, you can decorate sweet jars with blackboard paint. This is a great way to create wedding table decorations or favours or to simply create a unique and fun jar to keep at home. Simply paint the whole jar with blackboard paint or use stencils, wait for it to dry and get creative with chalk. What’s even better is that you can rub off the chalk time and time again for endless creative fun for the whole family.

View our full range of sweet jars here and start getting creative by decorating your sweet jars. Do get in contact to find out any other information and let us know if you can think of any other fun ideas!