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Ideas for How To Upcycle Empty Sweet Jars

Have you just finished the last sweet in the sweet jar? Or maybe you’ve got empty jars just lying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Here at Keep It Sweet we are big fans of upcycling old sweet jars in all sorts of unique and creative ways. Here are just a few ideas…

Boutique Glass Jar | Sweet Jars | Keep It SweetTall Boutique Glass Jar | Sweet jars | Keep It Sweet

Are you looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member? Something that is memorable and you’re certain they won’t have to secretly return? Our fantastic range of glass and plastic sweets jars are the perfect way to create unique gifts that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face and can be treasured for years to come. From Pink Pigs to Rhubarb Rock, we have a huge range of retro sweets to choose from to fill up an empty sweet jar.  Or our smaller, or ‘bite-sized’ sweet jars are perfect for creating your own spin on a Personalised or Glass Sweet Jar if you’re struggling to choose between all the yummy options. Why not fill a handful of these cute jars with various goodies to create the perfect gift for a family member or friend? Or these miniature jars would also make great gifts to hand around the office - just remember not to get distracted by the sweet treats in that next meeting!

Another fantastic use for empty sweet jars is to create your very own sweet bar. Add a truly unique and fun centre piece to a party or impress your guests with the perfect coffee table addition - after all, a full sweet jar is always better than an empty one! For the ultimate sweet jar display or party centre piece, we also stock metal tongs, scoops and bags in various colours so you can create your very own retro sweet shop vibe and to ensure that you are the talk of the town amongst your guests for weeks to come after the big day! Or simply take a look at our ready made sweet bars for a quick and hassle free option for a party or event. Available in 3 different sizes to suit all budgets and cater for all numbers, our sweet bars contain some of our most popular retro and traditional sweets including Fizzy Mix, Mini Lovehearts and Jelly Babies that your guests will love and are the perfect eye-catching and stunning addition to an event.

Or why not take a more creative approach to your empty sweet jars? One fantastic idea for bringing a boring old jar back to life is to paint it. You don’t have to be an artist to do this - simply grab yourself some glass paints or even some nail varnish and either paint the whole jar one colour, or add a few designs. Why not use stencils for a simple, quick and foolproof way to add a brilliant unique decoration for your home? Another simple but highly effective way to decorate your old sweet jars is to add blackboard paint. Either paint the whole jar, or use a stencil to paint shapes and wait for it to dry to create your very own portable canvas! These also double up as the perfect cute and crafty place setting as you can write peoples names on a jar and then re-use them over and over! Even sharpies would work for an even simpler option to decorating jars!

 Another fantastic way to bring new life to a boring empty sweet jar is with fairy lights. Choose some pretty battery powered lights, place in your jar and voila! A super easy and quick table or garden decoration that looks stunning and is sure to add a cosy touch to those cold, winter evenings as well as summer barbeques! You could even choose different coloured lights and create a whole selection of jars! Or for an even simpler option, simply place a tea light in one of our glass sweet jars and you’re sorted - decoration couldn’t be easier.

Another great way to upcycle sweet jars into brilliant interior decorations is to turn one into a plant pot or vase. Create your very own vase or vintage plant pot with old sweet jars that look great as well as do the job. Simply fill with soil or water for a pretty and rustic way to display plants or flowers to add a colourful touch to your house. Or why not take a more abstract approach and fill a sweet jar with some milk chocolate flowers? They are just as beautiful as real flowers in our eyes and taste a million times better! This is also the perfect gift for any budding gardeners out there!

View our full range of sweet jars here - what a brilliant excuse to eat all the sweets in the jar!