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Immerse Yourself in Nostalgia with Retro Sweets

The childhood joy of snuffling an extra Cola Bottle when nobody’s looking, seeing how long you can make a Gobstopper last, or daring to bear a super sour Toxic Waste provides everlasting fun and laughter. But who’s to say that this joy is just for children?! Our huge range of retro sweets contains every sweet treat you could ever dream of and is sure to bring back many a nostalgic memory…just don’t eat them all at once!

Christmas Personalised Sweets Jar | Keep It Sweet

One of the oldest and most iconic types of retro sweets is Boiled Sweets. Sometimes, simple is best! Their creation dates back as far as the 19th century and they are traditionally made using copper pans and a whole range of different shaped moulds. Our most popular hard boiled sweets include fizzy and fruity Lemon Sherbets and old-school favourite Cola Cubes. But if these don’t take your fancy, then do not fear! We have everything from brightly coloured Pineapple Rock to classic Clove Balls to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you feel like it, retro sweets are also perfect for sharing amongst friends and family. Whether it be a packet of Flying Saucers to snack on during a cosy night in front of the telly, or a handful of Chocolate Eclairs to indulge in over a chat, they are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Or why not share one of our retro jars, filled with a selection of the most loved retro sweets around. For example, our fun shaped Jelly Baby Jar is sure to provide a sweet fix for all the family and the jar is great for storing random bits and bobs after all the mouth-watering contents have been devoured.

Or maybe you are looking for an extra special gift for somebody? Or searching for something unique for that one person who is impossible to buy for? If so, look no further than retro sweets! Treat someone special to their favourite retro sweets and goodies or give them a selection of the best to create the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, wedding or any other event or occasion. One of our most popular gifts that will be remembered and cherished for years to come is a Mini Candy Crate. This beautiful shabby chic vintage box contains cute mini glass sweet jars filled with all-time classics - Retro Chews, Shrimps and Bananas and Flying Saucers that has a nostalgic old sweet shop feel that is guaranteed to bring back many fond memories of days gone by.

Another favourite gift containing retro sweets is our Retro Tuckshop Box. Even the mentioning of a ‘tuckshop’ takes us back to our school days and the good old days of penny sweets! You’ll be spoilt for choice when this bumper package arrives and is the perfect gift for sweet-toothed friends or for treating colleagues at work. This batch of mouth-watering naughties contain goodies including Ring Pops, Fizzers and good old Flumps to keep energy levels topped up and take you on a trip down memory lane.

The supermarket may contain a whole host of delicious goodies and treats, but a good retro sweet simply can’t be found in the shops. Remember the hours spent in the corner shop making the all-important decision of choosing which sweets to have or that sticky pocket feeling when you leave a sweet or two in there for a bit too long! Retro Sweet Jars are the perfect remedy for those winter day blues and contain a whole load of old favourites to bring out fond memories and fill you with nostalgia. For example, our Retro Classics Jar contains some of our most popular traditional and retro sweets including fruity Chewits, magical-tasting Rainbow Drops and even Gummy Burgers to munch on. What’s more, they are available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget or occasion.

Or with the festive season fast approaching, why not get into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas Personalised Sweet Jar? Complete with a Santa printed personal label with your own message on, this special jar contains everything from Candy Canes to Milk Chews to keep everyone going while the turkey’s in the oven or to ease the tension during the Christmas family board games! Other retro sweets perfect for Christmas time include Candy Canes, Milk Chocolate Snowmen and Chocolate Coins, to name just a few. Place a few at the bottom of a stocking, sprinkle a few on the dinner table or hang on the tree to add a sweet touch to your home this Christmas - can you resist them munching on them before the day!?

Retro Sweets aren’t only for eating at home or as a gift, they are also a great unique and special touch to any event, party or wedding. Party Bags are a sure sight to take you back to your childhood and put a smile on your face. Why not take a step back into the 80s and treat your guests to a taste of the decade that brought us the joys of backcombing our hair and wearing all things neon with this brightly coloured bag containing equally brightly coloured sweets! From Tootie Frooties to Orange Rock Segments, you will not be able to resist this selection of old classics.

And what better way to celebrate your big day than to incorporate retro sweets into your wedding? Not only do they taste delicious and are sure to create fond memories for your guests to remember, but they can also add a beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing touch. Simply tying a ribbon that matches your colour scheme around a glass bobble topped jar can really tie your decorations together, or our selection of retro sweet wedding favours also make cute bite-sized place settings.

View our full range of retro sweet here and start re-living those great memories.