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Impress the Kids with Fun and Tasty Easter Sweets

Easter is the season to indulge yourself with no guilt! With chocolate around every corner, it would be rude not to at least experience a few of the goodies on offer and here at Keep It Sweet, we have all the delicious Easter Sweets you could wish for to satisfy a sweet tooth!

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With everything from Mini Eggs to Chocolate Ducks to dig into, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy, yet by far one of the most popular types of Easter Sweets is the classic Easter Egg. Easter Eggs are a famous and much-loved tradition that are simply irresistible and are just as fun to find as they are to devour! From bite-sized Mini Eggs to larger Milk Chocolate foil-wrapped delights, we have plenty of options to keep the kids (and adults!) happy this Easter and are perfect for creating an Easter Egg Hunt that is sure to create happy memories for the whole family to remember for years to come. Did you know, the largest Easter egg every made was over 25 feet high and weighed over 8,000 pounds? Sadly, we are still working on supplying Easter Sweets this large but our smaller treats are just as delicious and much more fun in a hunt!

Easter is filled with pastel colours and the feeling that spring is here.  We have a huge selection of Easter sweets in every colour of the rainbow, including a range of pastel favourites to add a special touch to a party or to brighten up your house this season. The classic favourites are Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs. These traditional Easter treats are the old-age favourite and with the perfect combination of a sweet crunchy shell and creamy milk chocolate, there is nothing not to love! Be sure to snap some of these up quick before they disappear from the cupboard and experience the true taste of Easter! Other popular pastel Easter Sweets are Flying Saucers. These worldwide favourite retro sweets will make your tongue tingle and are filled with scrumptious tangy sherbet. Display these in one of our Glass Sweet Jars or scoff them all before you get the chance for the perfect sweet fix this holiday.

Along with pastel sweets, of course, the main treat that Easter is known for is…chocolate! Our range of Easter Sweets contains a huge selection of milk, white and dark chocolate delights in many different shapes, colours and varieties. For example, the ‘Big Pig’ and looks almost too good to eat! (only almost!) Brighten somebody’s day with one of these creamy white chocolate goodies or tuck into one yourself after a long day. If a chocolate pig doesn’t take your fancy, our Chocolate Cups are a more sophisticated option that would make a perfect table centre piece or bite-sized after dinner treat. Choose from strawberry to mint flavoured cups this Easter for a guaranteed crowd pleaser. We also have Milk Chocolate Eggs with a variety of different coloured foil wrappers to match any colour scheme or to make the perfect mini gift.

And believe it or not, Big Pigs are not our only option of novelty shaped Easter Sweets! We also offer everything from Butterfly Lollies to Sugar Mice that are just as fun-shaped as they are truly delicious. One of our personal favourites are the Bunny Easter Pops. These large bunny shaped Lollies are truly delicious and are sure to keep the kids quiet for a bit! The Easter Bunny is said to have originated in Germany and translates as ‘The Easter Hare’. In legends, the bunny carries coloured eggs and sometimes toys around in his basket to deliver to children and originally judged whether children were good or bad at the start of the Easter season. What better way to celebrate the Easter Bunny tradition than with a range of edible bunny-shaped sweets? We also have a selection of large and small Chocolate Rabbits to dig into!

Along with individual sweets, we also have a range of slightly larger goodies and Easter Sweets that would make the perfect additions to any great Easter Egg hunt. Our Easter Favours are suitable for weddings and parties but are also the perfect size to hide around the house or garden for the kids to find. Packed full of delicious White Mice, Chocolate Eggs and more, you’d better hide them well or they’ll be gone before you know it! Poppets are another addition to an egg hunt that will not disappoint. Remember shaking these packets on the way home from school? Or the unmissable sound these chocs make as your pour them out of the box? Introduce your children to these old-school retro classics or simply treat yourself to a well-deserved indulgence while they’re all out hunting in the garden!

As well as the themed Easter sweets and shaped treats, there is no reason not to indulge in other retro and traditional sweets this Easter. Our Retro Cups make the perfect gift or gift to self and are filled with over 16 different retro sweets to tickle your fancy. From Black Jacks to eye-popping Fizz Wiz, there is something for even the fussiest of eaters to enjoy and that will bring back plenty of nostalgic childhood memories. What’s more, you can even add your own personalised message to create a truly unique gift and an Easter treat to remember.

Decorating Easter Eggs is a fun activity for both kids and adults to enjoy. Why not also decorate some of our Glass or Plastic Sweet Jars while you’re at it? Get creative with glass paints, stickers and sharpies to create a memorable keepsake. You could even display your Easter Sweets in it afterwards - that’s if you haven’t already munched them all already!

View our full range of Easter Sweets here and get choosing your goodies now.