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Impress Your Customers with Branded Logo Sweets

Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well being. So what’s better than to associate this good feeling with your brand or business? Branded Sweets and Logo Sweets are the perfect sweet treat to put a smile on your customer’s faces and there sure to help you make a good impression.

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From Printed Biscuits to Branded Chocolate Bars, we have a huge range of Logo Sweets and customised goodies to promote and market your business with. But why are sweets so effective? Branded sweets are not only unique, fun and incredibly tasty, but have been proven to be highly effective in a range of clever ways. Sensory Marketing uses the senses to relate to customers on an emotional level, meaning you can then forge associations in customer’s minds by appealing to their senses. With Branded and Logo Sweets you can take your customers on a trip down memory lane to their childhood days in the sweet shop after school and therefore, the familiar taste, nostalgic smell and old school appearance is sure to create a great impression and ensure that your brand stays with them.

Another great advantage of Branded Sweets is that they won’t break the bank. We have a wide variety of sweets in every shape, size and flavour for you to create a truly unique marketing tool and to suit every budget. Why not hand out small Logo Sweets to your customers at the checkout or alongside an order to ensure your business stands out? Branded Rock Sweets are one of our most popular promotional sweets, and are the perfect bright and eye-catching product to stand out to customers. With your own message added to the template and starting from only 16p per sweet, what’s not to love about these classic seaside delights?!

Or why not impress customers with a bite-sized Sweet Pyramid? Not only do they look great and are sure to draw a crowd at an event or exhibition, but they are also filled with your choice of tasty sweets inside. Or why not get your message across with your very own Branded Fortune Cookies. Fortune Cookies are thought to have first been created in the early 1900s and were first handed out at a Japanese Tea Garden, containing a message of thanks from the mayor. Today, Fortune Cookies contain everything from inspirational messages to mystical comments that are all part of the fun that comes alongside this classic treat. So what better than to create a Fortune Cookie with your own message inside to give to your customers and clients!? Include an advertisement, message or even a joke to get your message across in a fun way to ensure you are one step ahead of your competition.

Branded Sweets and Logo Sweets are also a great crowd-pleaser at events or exhibitions. Entice potential customers and clients over to your stall with a range of goodies and treats to catch their eye and leave a sweet impression in their mind. Pillow Boxes are the perfect size for people to pop in their bag for later or simply munch there and then! Choose anything from Refresher Chews to Mini Lovehearts to fill these bite-sized Perspex cubes with and add your logo to the front to create a memorable and exciting promotional tool. Personalised Lollies are also another popular choice of Logo Sweets that appeal to a wide audience. Choose the flavour, colour and shape of your sweets to create your very own twist on this old school favourite that simply everyone loves!

We also have larger Branded Sweets to cater for every number of people and to suit an even bigger sweet tooth. For example, Sweet Buckets are available in sizes up to 3litres and are a great bright and colourful product to catch customer’s attention and draw them over to your stall - how can anyone resist a classic Flying Saucer or a tongue-tingling Fizzer? Branded Sweet Jars are another popular choice and with a huge variety of different shapes and sizes, available in both glass and plastic, the options are endless! Offer a jar to a prospective client or let customers pick a delicious sweet out of the jar to bring back a true retro sweet shop feeling. Choose from a classic printed label, a printed jar or even an etched jar to impress your customers and show you go above and beyond to make your brand or business great.

And we not only provide Logo Sweets for customers and clients, retro sweets are also the perfect staff incentive or a tasty treat to sweeten up the mood around the office. Choose from Retro Pyramids to Retro Hampers to share amongst the team and fill with a whole host of delicious goodies to put a smile on everyone’s face and give them that extra boost of motivation. Why not pick sweets to do with your business theme or brand colours to add a fun personalised touch? For example, Alphabet Gums are the perfect break from writing emails on a dreary Monday morning, or Chocolate Coins are a must-have for any business in the banking or finance industry. Or if you want to match your sweets to a particular colour, simply use our handy colour filter tool on the left of the page to find all your tasty delights!

View our full range of Branded Sweets and Logo Sweets here and get creating your perfect marketing tool to impress your customers. You can get in touch using our contact form, or alternatively if you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the telephone, then please do so on 01202 486256 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.