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Impress your guests with Wedding Sweets and Favours

Whether you are looking for sweets and goodies to match your flowers or tangy treats to give your guests a kick on the dance floor, our huge range of wedding sweets and retro favours are the perfect sweet addition to your wedding…

Retro Cube Wedding Favour | Keep It SweetWedding Sweet Bar | Keep It Sweet

One of our most popular types of sweets to impress your guests with is Personalised Wedding Sweets. Our Personalised Fruit Rock is the perfect bite-sized fruity delight that can be personalised with your name or message on them to make an extra special impact. These bright, vibrant coloured rock pieces would be perfect for adding a pop of colour when scattered across the tables or are sure to put a smile on your guest’s faces as a before-dinner treat to liven up their taste buds!

Another unique way to make your day extra memorable for you and your guests is to create delicious sweet table centrepieces. Our Sweet Jars, available in both glass and plastic, bobble topped jars are not only filled with mouth-watering goodies, but also add a beautiful touch to any wedding theme or colours. Our range of jars of sweets is sure to provide you with plenty of choice when it comes to choosing centrepieces or even just a sneaky treat for yourself! Our Love Sweet Jar is filled with loads of old-time classic retro sweets and love-themed favourites. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane with tasty Mini Millions or give a nod to the theme of your big day with good old fashioned Ring Pops. Why not make your jar personalised to add even more meaning to your wedding sweets?

One of the most iconic and well-known love-themed sweets are Love Hearts. Made in a previously disused candle-wick factory after being forced to relocate to escape the London Blitz, it’s not just the sweets that have a special spark - the Swizzels Matlow factory has since been named ‘The Factory of Love’ after 122 of it’s employees have met and fallen in love! Bring this romantic touch to your wedding and send your guests special messages through the power of these delicious fruity wedding sweets!

Why not enjoy retro sweets during the big day? Send your guests home with happy memories with our huge range of Retro Favours that are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and bringing a great sense of nostalgia. From rich and creamy Chocolate Cups to tongue-tingling Strawberry Hearts, we have plenty of traditional and retro wedding sweets to take everyone’s fancy and to match every colour scheme. Fill a small bag with a selection of these sweet treats or why not display them in one of our miniature glass or plastic sweet jars, which are available in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget. We have delicious Sugared Almonds in a host of pretty pastel shades or Chocolate Hearts in every colour you could think of - perfect for tying into your colour scheme and to please even the fussiest guests!

One of our personal wedding sweet favourites are Jelly Bean Hearts. These fun twist on the classic iconic fruity treat taste great, look great and simply can’t be eaten without putting a big grin on someone’s face! Arguably, Jelly Beans are the most loved sweets in the whole world, but even so, the origin of these classic traditional delights are a bit of a mystery. The earliest reference to Jelly Beans is associated with the Boston sweet maker, William Schrafft, who urged people to send his sweets to Union soldiers fighting in the civil war. Since then, Jelly Beans became a firm penny sweet favourite across the world - I mean who doesn’t like a good old Jelly Bean? (or many in our case!) Another famous association with Jelly Beans is with The Beatles. Back in the day, American fans thought that The Beatles liked Jelly Beans, not Jelly Babies, the much softer, squidgier sweets and so proceeded to pelt them with them on stage. Whoops!

Or if you don’t fancy making your own wedding sweet favours, we have a huge range to choose from in every shape and form. Retro Cubes are the perfect bite-sized treats for your guests to dig into on the dance floor or indulge in in the days following the special day. Filled with tasty Fruit Salads and Fruit Chews, along with everlasting Anglo Bubbly and creamy Butterscotch, a Retro Cube is guaranteed to impress your guests and also won’t break the bank. Or for a more alternative and unique wedding favour, why not treat your guests to a Fish and Chip Cone? Make your guests feel like they are at the seaside with these fantastic paper cones filled with deliciously sweet, melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate pieces - without all the grease! The traditional English meal has just gotten even better!

Another great way to spark up the tables and please even the fussiest of guests is with a Sweet Bar. Available in 3 different sizes depending on your number of guests (and how much of a sweet tooth they all have!), they contain the perfect balance of our most popular retro sweets and look stunning displayed in a selection of glass jars. Let your guests indulge in Jelly Babies, Parma Violets and Flying Saucers galore and create your very own sweet shop feel to fill your guests with nostalgic childhood memories of the sweetshop on corner as they fill their candy striped paper bags with all things sweet! Or if you are looking for a different option, why not impress your guests with a Retro Sweet Bowl? Filled with over 28 different types of retro favourites, these wedding sweets are sure to keep Gran happy on the dance floor and pick up any flagging party-goers!


View our full range of wedding sweets here and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.