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Instantly Jump Back to Your Childhood with 90s Sweets

The 90s was home to not only crimped hair, jelly shoes and Pokémon, but also to a whole host of delicious 90s sweets!

Toxic Waste Sour Sweets | Keep It SweetRing Pop 90s Sweet | Keep It Sweet

From fizzy sweets to chewy, the 90s offered a huge range of different types of tasty sweets and treats to dig into, but by far the most popular were sour sweets. Toxic Waste kicked off the sour sweets craze and before long everyone had a taste for some tongue-tingling, mouth-watering goodies! Why not tuck into some sour Gumpowder for some seriously sizzling sugaryness or hold on to your hat if you dare try a Mega Sour Apple Ball! Another popular sour 90s sweet are Giant Blue Bottles. This tangy twist on the classic Fizzy Cola Bottle is a true classic and is even better in bumper size! How many can you handle?

And if you just can’t resist even more eye-watering treats, then why not dig into one of our Sweet and Sour Jars? Filled with plenty of 90s sweets and retro favourites, this fantastic selection of all things sour is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth and keep you wide-eyed! Do you dare risk trying to eat a Dip Dab without covering yourself head to toe in fizzy sherbet? Or braving a slimy sour Snot Shot? If you like sweets that are sour enough to make your cheeks ache and your ears ring then this jar is definitely for you!

90s Sweets also contain a huge variety of different flavours to dig into. From creamy Milk Chews to fresh and fruity Pineapple Rock, the 90s offers something to tickle everyone’s taste buds. One flavour unique to the 90s is beer flavoured sweets! These soft jelly pint pots taste very realistic and also don’t contain alcohol - so the perfect snack for a long drive. Perfect to share amongst your friends at a footie match or to sweeten dad up so he’ll give you that tenner you’ve been after!

Many 90s sweets also contained traditional flavours and a range of old-school classics. From Rosey Apples to Rhubarbs and Custards, the 90s was the time that everyone realised why they were Grandma’s favourite sweets! Olde English Cloves are an age-old classic that is perfectly sugary and sweet, making it perfect for those cold winter mornings or cosy nights watching films. Like the history of many spices, the history of cloves goes back many centuries and it was one of the first spices to be traded, as far back as 1721 BC. They were once treasured by the Ancient Romans and were even worth more than their weight in gold in the 16th and 17th century. Nowadays, they are used for medical purposes, in cooking, but our favourite use by far is sweets! Give it a try for yourself if you don’t believe us…

Following on from the 80s, many 90s sweets are also a range of weird and wacky shapes. Take a trip down memory lane and ‘propose’ to somebody with a fruity Ring Pop or impress your friends with your latest yummy bling! With a long-lasting flavour and juicy fruit taste this really does prove that sweets can be multi-functional. Or maybe you’re into pranks and practical jokes? If so, we have the likes of Jelly Worms, Fizzy Spiders and Sugar Mice to scare your family and friends with and then devour afterwards. We also have creamy white chocolate flavoured Fish and Chips, shaped like the iconic English grub! Give these as a nostalgic gift or simply gobble them all up yourself to experience the true taste of childhood again.

And along with Fish and Chips, 90s sweets also incorporate a range of tasty British sweets and treats. Our Best of British Party Bag is perfect for celebrating all things British and are sure to go down a storm at any party or event. Our retro paper bags are available in a wide variety of different colours to suit your colour scheme and we can even add bespoke personalised stickers to add an extra special touch to your bash. With everything from love-them-or-hate-them Parma Violets to wonderfully sticky Drumstick Lollies, your guest simply won’t be able to resist these classic British 90s sweets!

90s sweets are also the perfect gift to fill somebody with nostalgia and give them something unique that they are sure to remember for years to come. Our Retro Tuckshop Box is a bumper collection of sweets galore and a range of retro goodies from the 90s and from the 60s,70s and 80s. Send this as the perfect surprise to sweet-loving friends or put smiles on everyone’s face in the office with this batch of mouth-watering delights. Make your tongue tingle with crazy popping Fizz Wiz, get your teeth stuck into a tasty Wham Bar and trade yourself a sweet deal with some Funny Money, along with digging into a whole host of other scrumptious sweets inside this special bubble gift box.

We also have a range of fun shaped tins and tubs containing popular 90s sweets to help you jump back into your childhood. For example, our Flying Saucer Tin is truly out of this world and is filled with the ever-loved colourful sherbet-filled wafer sweets that are a true childhood favourite.  And once you’ve devoured all the tasty contents, these brightly coloured tin can then be used as a money box to save up all your pennies to buy more tasty sweets!

And to go along with your 90s sweets, we have Personalised Wooden Crates and Signs for you to add your own message to and create your own truly unique gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come and you don’t have to worry that they already have it!

View our full range of 90s sweets here and get choosing your old favourites again!