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Keep It Sweet’s Top Ten Favourite Tuck Shop Sweets

From penny sweets to party bag classics, here at Keep It Sweet we have retro and traditional sweets from all decades gone by and to suit every occasion. Here are our top 10 favourite tuck shop sweets to take you on a trip down memory lane and to satisfy a sweet tooth any day of the week!...

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1.       First up is Retro Foam Mix. Containing Shrimps, Foam Eggs and Bananas this fruity selection of treats is a true old school classic and is a firm favourite here at Keep It Sweet. Remember spending your pocket money after school and then hiding the evidence from your mum? These tuck shop sweets are the perfect nostalgic delights to bring back plenty of happy memories from childhood days and taste just as good as they did back in the day.

2.       Another firm favourite that we used to spend our pocket money on are Drumstick Lollies. Enjoy getting your teeth stuck into these truly scrumptious classics (literally!)  - trying to eat these fantastic milk and raspberry Lollies in any sort of civilised way is all part of the fun! And if you’re really a fan of these delicious fruity treats then why not try an equally chewy Drumstick Bar.

3.       If fruity sweets aren’t your thing then don’t worry, we have plenty of other tuck shop sweets to take your fancy. KP Choc Dips are the perfect snack for both children and adults alike and are sure to keep even the loudest mouths quiet for a little while. Containing delicious biscuit sticks and a creamy chocolate dip, there is an ongoing debate here at Keep It Sweet - are you one to dip a little and then go back for more? Or just pile it on all in one go?! Why not try the white chocolate one for an even sweeter treat to put a smile on your face.

4.       If you are a fan of dipping when it comes to sweets and treats, then our next favourite tuck shop sweets will be right up your street. Double Dips are the perfect mixture of tongue tingling fizzy sherbet and a delicious swizzel stick to dip into them. We challenge you to try and eat this delicious orange and cherry treat without spilling it all over yourself! We are yet to do so!

5.       Another fizzy option in our favourite tuck shop sweets are Sour Cherries. These tongue-tingling, mouth-watering and tastebud-frying delights are the ultimate sweet to make gran’s face squint and squirm! Deliciously fruity and with a mega sour punch, there is nothing not to love about these traditional sweet shop favourites. We will warn you though - these are near impossible not to eat all at once!

6.       A more tame option for your taste buds are Flumps. These fluffy, fruity mallows never cease to amaze us at how utterly incredible they taste. Perfect for party bags, stocking fillers or as a ‘gift to self’ these beat normal marshmallows any day.

7.       Along the theme of party bag favourites, another of our top tuck shop sweets are Candy Necklaces…fun, fashionable and fruity what’s not to love?! These pastel sweets from Swizzels Matlow are every sweet-toothed fashionistas dream and there are very few other times where you can get away with rocking something edible than at a party. Simply nibble off a piece if you get a bit peckish for the perfect quick sugar fix! Or why not take a look at our Candy Watches, Candy Lipsticks and Candy Whistles for more fun sweets that are multi-purpose!

8.       Another quirky and unique tuck shop sweet is Fizz Wiz. This original popping candy is straight from those pocket money days and is packed full of explosive fun. As well as original strawberry, here at Keep It Sweet we are also fans of the cola and cherry flavours for even more super loud sugary fun.

9.       If you remember the good ol’ days of penny sweets then you will remember classic retro chews. Our Mini Bar Mix is the perfect combination of the best retro chews including Mini Whams, Refresher Chews, Banana Split Bars and Drumstick Bars amongst many others that are the perfect sweet treat to stick your teeth into after a long day. These bright and colourful chew bars not only taste delicious, but also look great and are the perfect way to spice up your coffee table to impress guests or to give as a nostalgic gift to someone special. Why not display them in one of our beautiful glass or plastic sweet jars for a brilliant table centre piece?

10.   And last but by no means least in our top ten favourite tuck shop sweets are Flying Saucers. Arguable the most iconic retro sweets of all time, these colourful, sherbet filled delights are simply out of this world and are sure to blow you away time and time again. Filled with zangy, explosive sherbet and with melt on your mouth rice paper, these retro sweets will forever be our all time favourites and we are yet to find anyone who doesn’t love them!

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