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Kick your summer blues with a jar of Retro Sweets

The days are getting shorter and the sunshine is becoming an unfamiliar sight. But do not fear, as our huge range of sweet jars are here! Whether you tuck into a tasty treat after a long day at work, or nibble on a mouth-watering delight tucked up in front of a good film, we have retro sweets to help everyone kick back their summer blues and enjoy the cold.

Whether you are looking for a grand looking bobble-topped glass jar for an event, or simply a goodie-filled jar to keep around the house, we have a huge range of jars in various shapes and sizes to satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings. Not only are our sweet jars filled with delicious sweet treats, but we also have themed jars to suit every occasion. Why not treat someone special to a Love Sweet Jar, filled with a great selection of love themed sweets including Loveheart Dips, Mini Millions and Heart Lollies - a sweet cure to any lingering summer blues.

3Ltr Sweet Jar | Keep It SweetLove Sweet Jar | Keep It Sweet

Or why not tuck into a British themed Jar with your friends or family and indulge in some classic British retro sweets that will take your mind off the cold weather in a hurry. This quintessentially British jar contains delicious treats including White Mice, Union Jack Rock and Highland Toffee Bars. The word ‘Toffee’ first appeared in the dictionary in 1825 and is made from caramelised butter and sugar, which is then left to harden and cool, often in different shapes.  Highland Toffee was first created by a water business owner in Scotland and proved so popular that it has grown into the iconic British favourite that tastes oh-so-delicious! Try it yourself if you don’t believe us!

Sweet Jars are also the perfect way to treat your friends and family and to show those around you how much you care. Nobody can say no to sweets and a sweet centred gift is the ideal way to brighten their day and is sure to put a smile on their face. Our glass and plastic jars from 250ml to 6litre jars to suit everyone’s budget and to contain every type of sweet. Our 500ml jars are the perfect size to fill with bite-sized treats and surprises to give to your friends and family and can be filled with any sweets of your choice. Why not take people on a trip down memory lane to their childhoods and select some of our most popular traditional sweets? For example, Foam Bananas are sure to bring memories of the old sweet shop on the corner flooding back or Lemon Sherbets are perfectly tangy and tongue-tingling to fill you with nostalgia and blast away any summer blues.

Or if you are finding it difficult to decide between all the yummy options, why not select one of our Personalised Sweet Jars to save you the hassle and to create a fun and personal gift? Our Retro Personalised Sweet Jars are crammed full of classic favourites that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth for weeks and can be printed with your own message to create a memorable and extra special gift and token of appreciation to someone important. From fruity Flying Saucers to eye-watering Fizz Wiz, there is something for everyone to enjoy and what’s more, our sweet jars can also be delivered to any address, making them the perfect gift to send to those who live further away.

If you are looking for sweets on a larger scale, our sweet bars contain a selection of our most popular retro sweets to cater for every number of people and is the perfect addition to any party, event or celebration. From tongue-tingling Fizzy Mix to old-time classic Foam Shrimps, there is something for everyone to enjoy and we even supply scoops, tongs and paper bags to create a sense of nostalgia and to bring back fond childhood memories of sweetshop antics! Another great way to incorporate sweet jars into an event is with a Candy Crate. These beautiful distressed wooden boxes (available in both white or rustic effect) contain a selection of retro or love themed sweets presented in stunning glass jars, complete with your own personalised message on the box. Not only is this a simple yet highly effective way to create a unique table centre piece, but after all the tasty contents have been devoured, it makes a perfect place to store your kitchen essentials or any other bits and bobs and is sure to bring back many happy memories.

Candy Crates aren’t the only item that can be reused after the contents have been enjoyed. All of our sweet jars are perfect for storing things in or also look great on their own. Or why not simply re-fill a jar with more delicious sweets!? From fizzy, to fruity, or all things chocolatey, we have sweets to appeal to everybody’s taste buds. Why not re-live your summer memories with a jar of fruity Beach Mix? Simply sit back, relax and take a bite of one of these fun-shaped treats to experience the true taste of summer and bring your happy summer memories flooding back. Or if you are trying to take your mind off the warm(ish!) weather that’s been and gone, why not bundle up and dig into some true winter sweets that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get you excited for the months to come. Chocolate Coins, for example are a truly wintery sweet that taste perfectly creamy and will have you counting down the days until the festive season. Or treat yourself to some Mint Cremes - the ideal dreamy, refreshing snack for those long days.


View our full range of sweet jars here and start digging into your favourite retro sweets.