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Make the Extra Effort with Personalised Sweets

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for someone notoriously hard to buy for? Or looking for a fun twist to add to a party? Maybe even a wedding favour to remember? If so, then look no further than our fantastic range of retro and personalised sweets. Here at Keep It Sweet we have one of the biggest selections of personalised sweets around - so read on to find out more, whatever the occasion!

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By far our most popular form of personalised sweets are our personalised sweet jars. We have a brilliant selection of themed jars to choose from, in a variety of sizes, all filled with the best retro sweets from years gone by that are an effortless way to really blow someone away! One of our most popular classic sweet jars is the Retro Personalised Sweet Jar. This jar is suitable for a huge number of occasions - whether it be a birthday, anniversary or even a ‘gift to self’! Take a trip down memory lane with tongue-tingling Sherbet Fountains, creamy chocolate White Mice, mouth-watering Fruit Salads and many more tasty treats that this jar contains. But it’s not just the contents of this brilliant jar that are amazing - you can add your own special message or greeting and we’ll print it on the jar so you’ll have a truly unique and fun-filled gift that is sure to be remembered for years to come!

Another fantastic jar in our range is our Birthday Personalised Sweets Jar. Crammed full of childhood favourites including mouth-watering Popping Candy, eye-popping Fizzers and oh-so-dreamy Flumps, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic gift - no matter what the age of the receiver. Again, add your own special message and within a matter of days we’ll have your jar sent straight to your doorstep (you don’t even have to leave the house - winner!). Other brilliant options in our range include our Easter Jar, our Love Jar and even a personalised Spooky Jar to cater for every possible occasion. We also have an even larger range of non-personalised themed sweet jars that are just as wonderful and are the perfect option if you’re stuck for a gift last minute.

Alongside our range of Personalised Sweet Jars, we also have many other personalised gifts and treats that are perfect gift to show you’ve given that extra thought that is sure to mean it goes down well. Pillow Boxes one of our favourites here at Keep It Sweet and are definitely a firm favourite. These cute boxes filled with either Jelly Hearts, Jelly Bean Hearts or Love Sweets are the perfect way to show your appreciation to a loved one or friend and are even tied with a ribbon to give an extra special feel. Give these individually as a gift or why not give these out to wedding guests as the perfect unique favours?

Sweet Wedding Favours are another of our specialities here at Keep It Sweet - after all, what better way to blow your guests away and put a smile on their face than with sugary delights!? One of our favourite Favours we have in our range is Fish and Chip Cones. This fun take on the classic British meal is sure to fill your guests with nostalgic memories and give them a sugar boost after a long night on the dance floor! Or if you are looking for something to suit a particular theme then look at our brilliant range of sweet boxes and sweet bags to find something for your big day. From Chocolate Pebble Cubes to brightly coloured Retro Pyramids, there is something for every theme, colour scheme and wedding size, that won’t break the bank!

Personalised Sweets are also great if you’re looking for a gift for groups of people. If you are looking for the perfect gift or are catering for larger numbers, then why not take a look at our brilliant range of Tuckshop boxes? Displayed in a beautiful wicker effect hamper box and containing tonnes of the best retro sweets to have ever existed, this gift is unlike any other and is sure to go down a treat! Our Retro Tuckshop Box contains over 35 different types of retro and traditional sweets including old school Jazzies, deliciously fruity Frosties, tangy Lemon Refresher Bars and even brightly coloured Flying Saucers. If that doesn’t make your mouth water then we don’t know what will!

As well as individual personalised sweets products, here at Keep It Sweet we also specialise on branded and corporate sweets on a larger scale. Branded sweets are a fantastic way to impress customers and clients and to get your business name out there in a unique and fun way. One popular and affordable personalised branded sweets options is Personalised Rock Sweets. Not only will potential customers and clients be impressed by the offer of free sweets, but sweets are also a great way to connect with people via memories. For example, Rock Sweets may bring back happy memories of childhood days spent at the beach, meaning these happy memories will now be associated with your brand or business - it couldn’t be easier! Add your branded label to this traditional favourite or go all out and customise the colour, flavour, pattern and even lettering to match your brands theme and to impress even the grumpiest of clients!

View our full range of personalised sweets here.