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New Uses For Your Old Sweet Jars

You’ve devoured all the delicious contents of your retro sweets jar - but now what do you do with the empty sweet jar? From filling it straight back up again with your favourite sweet treats and goodies to making decorative and creative additions to your home décor, here are just a few suggestions of what to do with all those empty sweet jars…

One use for empty sweet jars is as storage. Once all your sweet treats have vanished (mysteriously - of course, we don’t know who ate them all!) then an empty glass or plastic sweet jar is perfect for storing everything from stationary to all the random bits and bobs around the house that can never find a home. Our 580ml plastic sweet jars are perfect for storing crayons and pencils for the kids to minimise the number of times you’ll have to fish them from behind the sofa. Or our smaller jars are perfect for storing paperclips and pins and will make you the envy of the office at work - after all, a tiny workplace equals a tidy mind!

Glass Jar | Keep It SweetRetro Sweets Jar | Keep It Sweet

Another great way to utilise those empty sweet jars is for storage of the kid's toys. Avoid the crippling pain of accidentally stepping on a lego brick ever again with plastic sweet jars. Store everything from lego bits to wind up toys in jars for a cheap, tidy and effective way to organise the kid’s rooms. If you’re lucky, the sweets that were inside might even convince them to tidy it themselves!

One of the most obvious options of what to do with empty sweet jars is simply to fill them again! Choose your favourite childhood sweets to bring back nostalgic memories or try a sweet treat that you haven’t before from our huge range of retro sweets containing every sugary delight you could ever wish for. One popular old school sweet that looks great in a jar is Fizz Balls. Available in 4 tongue-tingling flavours, these fruity, fizzy delights are packed full of flavour and are the perfect tangy punch to get you through the day. Or if these intense balls aren’t for you, then why not take a look at our other retro sweets or our traditional sweets range. White Mice are an all-time traditional classic and will simply never get old. These creamy delights are oh so irresistible so be careful, they might not last in that jar long!

Another great use for empty sweet jars is as a plant pot. Simply add some soil and get planting! Our range of different sized jars means that you can plant everything from pint-sized cactuses to larger pot plants to give your home or office space a unique, modern feel to it. Why not decorate a shelf with a range of jars - some filled with sweets and some with plants or bits and bobs in to create a quirky feel and to add your own personal creative touch to home décor.

Finding ways to keep the kids (or yourself) busy on a rainy day can be challenging. Empty Sweet Jars provide many opportunities for different activities that will keep them entertained and let their creative side run free. One fun crafty activity is sand art. Remember going wild with different coloured sand at a school Christmas fete and having so much fun? With simply an empty sweet jar and some coloured sand, you can easily recreate this at home for endless fun with the kids that will result in a jar that they can proudly display in their bedrooms for years to come. Another craft idea is to get creative with glass paints, stickers, ribbons - the lot! This is a great activity for both kids and adults alike and is sure to build great memories as well as creating a jar to keep forever!

Empty Sweet Jars could also create the perfect unique and special gift. Why not fill a jar with a selection of somebody’s favourite foods or treats or create a more sentimental gift with messages or fun memories you have with that person. This is a gift that doesn’t have to be expensive and yet is sure to be remembered and treasured for years to come - it doesn’t even have to be for an occasion, why not surprise somebody with this gift just because you can!


View our full range of glass and plastic sweet jars here and get eating all the delicious contents so you can use the empty jar!