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Old Fashioned Sweets That Are Older Than You

Take a trip down memory lane to your school days with the likes of Cola Cubes, Lemon Sherbets, Liquorice Allsorts and many more from our fantastic range of old fashioned sweets. Not only do these childhood classics taste truly delicious, but they are the perfect way to bring back nostalgic memories from years gone by.

Sherbet Lemons | Old Fashioned Sweets | Keep It SweetCola Cubes (Kola Kubes) | Old Fashioned Sweets | Keep It Sweet

Some of the most iconic and oldest old fashioned sweets are Boiled Sweets. Here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of all the classic boiled sweets for you to choose from for a truly traditional taste sensation, along with some boiled sweets with a more modern twist which you might like to try. Rhubarb and Custards are one of the most iconic traditional sweets of all time and are a firm British favourite amongst the older generations. This classic ‘grannie sweetie’ won’t last long so be sure to stock up on these magnificent sweets to keep your sweet tooth satisfied!

Another popular boiled sweet in our old fashioned sweets range is Cola Cubes. These classic delights are a true sweet shop must-have and simply cannot be beaten! Along with Fizzy Cola Bottles, Cola Pips and many others, cola flavoured sweets are a sure favourite when it comes to old fashioned sweets and are still just as popular to this day. Why not take a look here at our full range of cola flavoured sweets? Cola Fizz Wiz is a more modern cola sweet that is sure to bring back memories of days spent spending your pocket money after school and hiding the evidence from your mum! Be prepared for your taste buds to tingle when tucking into this explosive treat!

Aniseed is another popular flavour in old fashioned sweets that has become very popular again in recent times. Aniseed Balls, Aniseed Twists and of course iconic Black Jacks are just a few of our delicious aniseed range. Whether you love it or hate it, aniseed has a very distinctive flavour and featured in some of the very first recorded sweets. Did you know that Julius Caesar took anise bals on his campaigns for his soldiers? Or that the Romans used it to protect people from the ‘Evil eye’ curse? If it has remained popular for as long as that then surely it must be here to stay, right?!

Our range of old fashioned sweets also contains a few that you may not have even heard of before. Nonsuch Treacle Toffee has been around as long as we can remember and is guaranteed to keep even the loudest mouth quiet for a little while! These smooth and chewy delights will have you hooked from the first bite and wishing you were a carefree child again! These, along with Kop Kops, Murray Mints and Olde English Cloves are the perfect throwback to tuck into as the Autumn draws near.

Along with our fantastic range of old fashioned sweets we also have a brilliant range of gifts for a unique and memorable way to show somebody how much you care. Our Retro Classics Jar is one of our most popular options and is the perfect gift for any sweet toothed pals or to brighten up the mood in the office on a Monday morning. Filled with a whole load of tuck shop classics including Ring Pops, Refresher Bars and Candy Sticks, you cannot go wrong with this bumper jar of delights. Or why not add an extra special touch with one of our Personalised Sweet Jars? Our Personalised Birthday Jar is just one of our themed jars that contain a whole host of tasty old fashioned sweets that are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face and the jar can be treasured for years to come.

Or maybe you are looking for a unique and fun touch for your wedding or party? If so we have a great selection of sweet favours and wedding sweets that will ensure to please your guests and keep them dancing all night long. Pillow Boxes are one of our personal favourite wedding sweet products containing all the best old fashioned love themed sweets and heart shaped treats. Spread the love amongst your guests with Mini Lovehearts, chocolate hearts and more in this bite-sized box of treats that is also the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your tables and could even double up as name place settings. Another popular option is our Fish and Chip Cones. Filled with nostalgia and truly delicious chocolate fish and chips this fun spin on the traditional English meal is the perfect old school twist to add to your big day.

View our full range of old fashioned sweets here and get choosing your favourites!