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Our Favourite Retro Sweets From The 1960s

Every day there are new weird, wacky and unique sweets that appear on the supermarket shelves. Modern sweets appear to be taking over, but can they beat the old retro classics? The 60s was home to bright colours, bright patterns and great music, but was also home to some deliciously tasty sweets!

Retro sweets include sweets such as Sherbet Straws, Wham Bars and Flumps that will take you back to your childhood days in a flash and bring back memories of the old sweet shop on the corner. Do you remember sneaking in after school to satisfy your sweet tooth? Or having pockets filled with sticky sweets after devouring some sugary treats all in one go? Flying Saucers are a firm sweet shop favourite and one of the most popular retro sweets. The perfect combination of flavoured rice paper and the tongue-tingling, zangy sherbet is hard to beat and is the classic retro sweet that everyone loves.

Fairy Gliders | Keep It SweetCandy Necklaces | Keep It Sweet

All of our retro sweets are categorised into the decades they were popular. The 90s was the time of many great retro sweets. From Fizzy Apple Rings to Chocolate Bon Bons, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The 90s was the time when cola flavoured sweets really took off – Cola Pips, Cola Whips and even deliciously fizzy Cola Cubes – you simply can’t go wrong with these classic treats. Why not treat yourself or someone you know to some truly scrumptious Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles this Christmas? Big, juicy and bursting with delicious fizzy sugariness, they are full to the brim of cola flavour and are sure to put a big smile on someone’s face. Another firm favourite is Cola Popping Candy – fizz, bang and pop your way to a good time with this oh so delicious delight.

1960s sweets saw a boom as sugar rationing had only ceased a decade before. Iconic sweets from the 60s include Candy Shrimps, Aniseed Balls, Catherine Wheels and Gumballs. The swinging sixties are associated with lollipops as depicted in the cult films Austin Powers, various scenes across the whole series show characters eating 1960s sweets. A lot of influence during this period came from America. Gumballs, Gobstoppers and other bubble gum crossed the pond to become firm favourites among all the great British 1960s sweets. Our most popular sweets from the 60s have to be the Jelly Bean, loved by all for its great taste and colour this really is a great 1960s sweet.

Sweets from the 60s are full of flavour, checkout our Aniseed BallsButter Mints, and Wine Gums. Another classic 1960s sweet is candy necklaces, a timeless edible necklace. These were banned from classrooms because kids would use the elastic to ping the candy at one another.

Along with retro sweets, we also have a brilliant range of retro toys to enjoy. Perfect for both children and adults alike, old fashioned fun simply never gets old! Flying Gliders are one of our personal favourites – take on your friends in a flying competition or battle it out to build yours the fastest. We even have Fairy Gliders for a more elegant take on this classic toy! Another favourite is Fortune Teller Fish – what does the future hold for you? Now you yourself can learn the ways of this ancient art and use it on all your friends this Christmas!

Buying sweets in bulk is the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide sweets for a large event, a party or to buy sweets for your business. From Drumstick Lollies to Candy Necklaces, there is a wide variety of popular retro sweets available to buy in bulk. Bulk buying sweets is ideal for entertaining guests at a wedding. Whether you are to hand out sweets after dinner or create your own wedding favours, bulk buying sweets will also ensure you don’t have to break the bank on your big day. Love Hearts were first manufactured in 1954 and were originally put in hand painted packets and put in Christmas crackers over the festive period. They became very popular and were then produced all year round, regularly appearing on children’s comics. A Mini Lovehearts Bulk Bag contains approximately 250 Love Heart rolls and would be perfect for spreading the love and celebrating a marriage.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of sweets from the 60s, or to enquire buying 1960s sweets in bulk, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch on: 01202 486256, or alternatively you can get in contact with us using our contact form. We are a leading retailer of 1960s sweets and sweets from the 60s here at Keep It Sweet.