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Personalised Sweet Jars - The Perfect Gift

“What to get the person who has everything?” “Where to even begin to look?” and “No, I got them that last year!” are all thoughts that go through our heads when shopping for a gift. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or another occasion, finding a special, memorable gift can prove difficult. That’s why Personalised Sweet Jars are the perfect unique, nostalgic present with a personal touch.

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Each of our Personalised Sweet Jars allows you to add up to 3 lines of your own text so you can show your appreciation to someone special or give someone a message that is sure to impress. We have a variety of different themes to suit every occasion and we are always looking to grow our range to create even more fun-filled, delicious sweet jars. One of our popular Personalised Sweet Jars is the Personalised Birthday Jar. This jam-packed jar is available in two different sizes to suit every budget and if full to brim with retro delights from years gone by. Remember the joys of the edible jewellery that are Candy Necklaces? Or covering yourself head to toe with zingy sherbet from a Sherbet Fountain? Not only will a sweet jar satisfy a sweet tooth, but it is also filled with nostalgic memories to take somebody on a trip down memory lane.

Another favourite of ours is the Love Jar. Although Valentine’s Day has been and gone, there’s no need to only spoil your loved one on one day of the year! Show them how much you care and add you own message to this heart patterned jar that will definitely earn you a few brownie points. Propose with a Ring Pop, make their tongue tingle with some fruity Fizz Wiz or show your love with scrumptious Mini Lovehearts…just try not to eat it all at once!

Along with Personalised Sweet Jars, here at Keep It Sweet we also stock a huge range of various glass and plastic sweet jars for you to create a very special and unique personal gift. Not only do these jars look great filled with delicious retro sweets and goodies, but after the contents have been devoured they are perfect for storing kitchen items or odd bits and bobs in for years to come (or simply re-fill with your favourite sweets!) Fill a jar with somebody’s favourite sweets, or choose a few old school classics to create a thoughtful gift with the wow factor. If you’re struggling, why not have a look at some of our most popular traditional sweets? After all, who doesn’t love a classic! Jelly Babies are some of the most iconic sweets of all time and we are yet to find anyone who can resist one of these delicious fruity treats. These sweets, which were famously loved by The Beatles and a big favourite of Doctor Who were previously called Unclaimed Babies and Peace Babies before they became a household name. A jar full of these classic delights is perfect for creating a traditional sweet shop feel and is a perfect gift that you can’t go wrong with.

From Pink Pigs to Rhubarb Rock, we have a huge range of retro sweets to choose from. Our smaller, or ‘bite-sized’ sweet jars are perfect for creating your own spin on a Personalised Sweet Jar if you’re struggling to choose between all the yummy options. Why not fill a handful of these cute jars with various goodies to create the perfect gift for a family member or friend? Or these miniature jars would also make great gifts to hand around the office - just remember not to get distracted by the sweet treats in that next meeting!

One of the major perks with Personalised Sweet Jars is that you can avoid the hassle of the high street. No more battling for a parking space, endlessly scanning the shelves for a glimmer of inspiration or queuing in a line of disgruntled customers. Our range of sweets and gifts can be ordered quickly and easily online with the click of a button for a simple and stress-free gift shopping experience. Simply enter your personal message and wait for your jar to appear on the doorstep. Or maybe you are shopping for a gift to send to someone? If so, we can also save you the hassle of the post office and you can choose to send your gift straight to it’s receiver, along with a variety of gift wrap options.

Along with Personalised Sweet Jars, we also have a range of other special personalised gifts and products for you to choose from. For example, our Mini Candy Crates are one of the latest additions to our range and are fast proving to be extremely popular. This beautiful shabby chic box contains 3 beautiful glass jars of retro sweets, along with your personal message printed on the side. Not only is this gift sure to put a smile on somebody’s face in the moment, but is also sure to be treasured for years to come.

We also have a range of Personalised Sweet Jars for businesses. Our Branded Sweet Jars are the perfect marketing tool for corporate events, meetings and giveaways. Sweeten up potential clients and customers or go the extra mile for existing ones to show your brand is willing to go the extra mile to impress. Along with jars, why not consider Promotional Sweet Tins if you are looking for something a bit more unique and different. They are a great cost effective way to attract customers with a high end product and can cater for all numbers. Add your own text, logo or even artwork to create a truly personal product that people can’t miss.

View our full range of Personalised Sweet Jars here and get choosing your gifts (or even make a sneaky self purchase…we won’t tell!)