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Personalised sweets are a unique and fun gift for any occasion

Everybody loves retro sweets - the tangy ones, the chocolatey ones or the chewy ones - there is something for everyone to enjoy. The wide variety of sweets makes them a perfect gift, whatever the occasion. When giving retro sweets as a gift, why not add an extra special touch? Personalised sweets create a unique and individual present that is sure to be memorable as well as delicious!

Personalised sweet jars are filled to the brim with popular traditional and retro sweets that will tickle your taste buds and are made to suit a range of different themes. For example, the Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is packed with retro sweets including Drumsticks, Flumps, Fizzers and more that will ensure a fun-filled birthday and will keep a sweet tooth satisfied for months! The jar can be printed with your own personalised message, to add that extra sparkle to your gift. We also offer Jars for many other occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, which also come in different sizes to suit every budget, so we have the personalised sweets for every occasion.

For an extra special gift, a Personalised Rustic Box would make a perfect gift hamper for someone special, filled with delicious sweet treats. Personalised with your own message, this vintage themed box would also make a good table decoration or plant pot after all the sweets have been devoured! If you are stuck on choosing sweets to fill the box with, have a look at our personalised sweets for plenty of sweet ideas. Foam Bananas are just one idea of a classic retro sweet that tastes mouth-wateringly good and will not disappoint. These soft and juicy banana-shaped treats will ensure to brighten someone’s day, whatever the occasion.

We also offer personalised sweets for children, for example Retro Cups. Retro Cups are filled with 16 different bite-sized sweets such as Fruit Lollies and Fizz Wiz that are guaranteed to put a smile on a child’s face and adding your own message is sure to impress!

So whatever the occasion, view our personalised sweets online today for a fun and unique gift.