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Personalised Sweets for Christmas

What personalised sweets can you buy for Christmas. Read more for our guide

It’s that time of year again, where we all stress over what to buy someone for Christmas. Well look no further because here we have the perfect Personalised Sweets for Christmas to put a smile on someone’s face.

Our plastic cookie jars in both a small and large size, filled with a selection of retro and Christmas sweets finished off with a Christmas sticker and a personalised message are a great way to say Merry Christmas to your family, friends and work colleagues or even you’re next door neighbour. We also have personalised fruit rock a lovely way to decorate your table with a message to your guest or even fill your favourite Christmas bowl for everyone to dig in.

Want something you can use every year why not check out our candy crate. You can choose from a Personalised rustic or white crate with a Christmas message. The crate comes with a selection of sweets, scoop and tongs and candy striped bags. A sweet treat for your home to enjoy over the festive season and re fill the jars the following year.

We also have personalised signs, not edible! but still a wonderful gift for a family home.

The more traditional Christmas sweets are still very popular whether you want to hang striped candy canes from the tree or place chocolate coins in the Christmas stockings. The trend for Christmas candy canes reputedly started in 1847 although the canes were white rather than striped. In 1919 the coloured canes that we see today were introduced. The cane shape was thought to stand for the “J” in Jesus and to remind us of his birth.

Check out our range of personalised sweets and goodies today and show someone how special they are over the Christmas period by buying them a delicious and personalised Christmas treat!