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Personalised Sweets: The Ideal Marketing Tool

Traditional marketing techniques can lose effect when everyone is using them. Help your business or brand stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impact with personalised sweets: a unique and highly effective marketing tool.

There are many different branded confectionery options to suit every budget. One of our most popular product options for promotional sweets are Personalised Bags of Sweets. Bags could be filled with our most popular retro sweets, such as Jelly Beans or Boiled Sweets , or you could select sweets to match promotions, for example Strawberry Bon Bons for a pink logo, or Candy Nuts and Bolts for a business in the building or engineering industries. A branded bag will ensure that customers and clients remember your business and there is lots of flexibility available to allow you to make a powerful marketing tool.

Sensory marketing has proven to attract and engage audiences better by appealing to multiple human senses. Therefore, personalised sweets are the ideal way to create a sweet impression of your business in people’s minds…through their taste buds! Personalised Rock is a great eye-catching product that look bright and also taste and smell deliciously fruity. Handing these out at meetings, events or in a shop will attract people’s attention and they will then associate the tasty treat with your brand, creating a great reputation.

Another form of sweets that make a distinct and unique marketing tool are customised sweets. Although the lead times are often longer and the minimum quantities can be larger than personalised sweets, due to variables being changed at the manufacturing level, customised sweets are one of the most effective ways to impress your customers and clients. Dragees are rounded sweets with a delicious creamy centre and a thin crispy sugar shell. You can personalise the colour of the shell and the logo or text printed onto it to create a memorable and informative treat that would make a perfect promotional giveaway. Not only will free chocolate attract and impress potential customers, but there is something very enjoyable about eating a customised sweet that will create a lasting impression!

Another great product for promotional giveaways is Plastic Sweet Buckets. Available in a variety of different sizes and a choice of the contents inside, a printed bucket filled with sugary sweets is sure to make people smile and market your business at the same time.


View our full range of personalised sweets here and please get in contact for us to help you create a great marketing tool.