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Personalised Sweets - The Ultimate Personalised Gift

Whether you are looking for a Birthday gift, a unique party addition or a gift to keep your wedding guests smiling, personalised sweets are the perfect option for every occasion. Not only are they sure to satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking the bank, but they are sure to create special memories to be kept for years to come. Take a look…

Personalised Chocolate Bars - Personalised Sweets | Keep It SweetPersonalised Sweets - Personalised Party Bags | Keep It Sweet

Personalised sweets are a great unique gift for all ages. Maybe you’re searching high and low for a gift for someone who has everything? Or desperately searching for something last minute? If so, then look no further than our fantastic selection of sweets and goodies. One of our much loved additions to our fantastic range of personalised sweets are our Personalised Sweet Jars. Sweet Jars are the perfect gift for all occasions and are sure to bring plenty of childhood memories flooding back. Available in a range of varied sizes, our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is the ultimate gift for those annoying people who have it all and are impossible to buy for. Filled with everything from Fizz Wiz Popping Candy to traditional White Mice, simply add your own birthday message to be printed on the sticker and you can’t go wrong with this quirky gift. We also have Love Jars and Boys Jars for you to personalise and all it takes it a few clicks of a button…you don’t even have to leave your sofa!

We also have a brilliant selection of retro and personalised sweets for weddings. Treat your guests to a sweet wedding favour to give them that all needed energy boost or bring a fun twist to the party with sweet bars and jars of goodies. One of our most popular sweet wedding favours are Retro Favours. Available in both sizes large and small, everyone’s childhood favourites are amongst this classic retro selection. Each heat sealed bag contains delicious retro sweets including Fizz Wiz, Parma Violets and Fried Eggs that are the perfect bite-sized treats for keeping your guests entertained! Why not add a personalised touch and add labels or ribbons to suit your colour scheme, or fill with your own favourite sweets to celebrate your day? We can also add personalised stickers with pictures, photos and text to make a sentimental memento. Personalised sweets are not only a great way to impress your guests on the day, but also to ensure they are filled with happy memories for years to come.

One of our most popular Personalised Sweets items are Personalised Party Bags. Party Bags are a must-have addition to any party or event and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, whether it be a child or adult, whatever the occasion. Our selection of ready made party bags come in a variety of different colours, themes and with a delicious range of contents. Add your own bespoke sticker, artwork or even choose the contents of your party bags to bring a unique and fun twist to your party. Our Groovy Party Bag is just one of many themed bags to suit every occasion. Filled with plenty of 80s classics, this candy striped bag is filled with goodies straight from your school days. Leave your guests feeling all nostalgic with sweets such as zingy Dip Dabs and Fruit Salads that are sure to give them a pep in their step!

Personalised Sweets are also great for businesses and brands. Give a corporate gift that is sure to bring a few smiles to the office or treat customers and clients with a bite-sized sugary delight that is sure to leave a great lasting impression. Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well being. So what’s better than to associate this good feeling with your brand or business? From Printed Biscuits to Branded Chocolate Bars, we have a huge range of Logo Sweets and customised goodies to promote and market your business with. Branded sweets are not only unique, fun and incredibly tasty, but have been proven to be highly effective in a range of clever ways. Sensory Marketing uses the senses to relate to customers on an emotional level, meaning you can then forge associations in customer’s minds by appealing to their senses. With Branded and Logo Sweets you can take your customers on a trip down memory lane to their childhood days in the sweet shop after school and therefore, the familiar taste, nostalgic smell and old school appearance is sure to create a great impression and ensure that your brand stays with them in a truly personal way.

View our full selection of personalised sweets here and don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions regarding our fantastic selection.