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Plan Christmas In Advance and Stock Up On Christmas Sweets Early

Christmas is coming! Get stocked up to avoid the mad rush on Christmas Eve and get all your festive treats now. Here at Keep It Sweet we’ve got all the best Christmas Sweets and sugary delights to put a smile on the whole family’s faces this year. What’s more, you won’t have to brave the jam packed high street and can browse from the comfort of your own sofa! Take a look…

One of our favourite uses of Christmas Sweets are as stocking fillers. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, there is nothing better than chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning! Stick to tradition with delicious and iconic Chocolate Coins and minty Candy Canes or simply choose from our brilliant range of retro sweets for all the best sweets from years gone by that are sure to put a big smile on everyone’s face, no matter what age!

Christmas Party Bag | Keep It SweetCandy Cane Sweets | Keep It Sweet

One of the most popular Christmas sweets is Turkish Delight. Much like Marmite, these perfumed jellies covered with a milk chocolate shell are either you ‘love-it’ or you ‘hate-it’! Personally, here at Keep It Sweet, we love these old time classics to munch on over a Christmas film or as a perfect stocking filler. This traditional favourite dates back at least 230 years, however the myths around the origins of this popular treat are almost as sticky as the sweet itself! Some say that one Turkish ruler ordered his chefs to prepare this dessert to keep his wives happy, whereas others believe it originated as the result of rivalry between the royal chefs to get in the good books. Whatever story you wish to believe, you simply can’t deny the deliciousness of this famous delight and it’s suitability as the perfect Christmas treat!

Whether you are looking for that something special to add to your Christmas party, or something to add a little festive touch to the office, glass sweet jars are the perfect centre piece sweet treat to put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas. We have something to suit every budget and to help you cater for every occasion. Just like the ones in the old fashioned sweet shop on the corner, these beautiful jars are fantastic to set off a feeling of nostalgia and take your family and friends on a trip down memory lane this Christmas. Not only do they look great on their own, but they are even better filled with tasty Christmas sweets and treats to brighten up any party or do’. Add a few fairy lights and some tinsel and you’re in for a good time!

Here at Keep It Sweet we also have a brilliant range of branded Christmas sweets and promotional gifts for your business this festive season. Bespoke Branded Rock Pieces are the perfect option to spread the Christmas spirit amongst your customers and clients and to keep up your brand’s great reputation. We offer this classic British favourite exactly to meet your requirements - choose everything from the colour, pattern, flavour and even the logo for your Rock Pieces to match your brand’s colours or to create your very own edible Christmas message. Or why not treat your staff or colleagues to a sweet Christmas thankyou gift this year? Simply get in contact with us today and we can create everything from bespoke Christmas jars to themed Christmas Sweet Bags just for you.

Or if you’re not looking for specifically themed Christmas sweets, then why not give someone some of their favourite old school treats for the ultimate gift? Here at Keep It Sweet we’ve got hundreds of the best old school retro and traditional delights that are sure to go down a treat this year under the tree! All of our retro sweets are categorised into the decades they were popular. The 90s was the time of many great retro sweets. From Fizzy Apple Rings to Chocolate Bon Bons, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The 90s was the time when cola flavoured sweets really took off – Cola Pips, Cola Whips and even deliciously fizzy Cola Cubes – you simply can’t go wrong with these classic treats. Why not treat yourself or someone you know to some truly scrumptious Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles this Christmas? Big, juicy and bursting with delicious fizzy sugariness, they are full to the brim of cola flavour and are sure to put a big smile on someone’s face. Another firm favourite is Cola Popping Candy – fizz, bang and pop your way to a good time with this oh so delicious delight.

Along with retro sweets, we also have a brilliant range of retro toys to enjoy. Perfect for both children and adults alike, old fashioned fun simply never gets old! Flying Gliders are one of our personal favourites – take on your friends in a flying competition or battle it out to build yours the fastest. We even have Fairy Gliders for a more elegant take on this classic toy! Another favourite is Fortune Teller Fish – what does the future hold for you? Now you yourself can learn the ways of this ancient art and use it on all your friends this Christmas!


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