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Plastic Sweet Jars - Both Stylish and Child Friendly

When you picture sweet jars, you probably think of rows of them lined up filled with delicious treats in the old sweet shop on the corner. However, nowadays, not only are plastic sweet jars perfect for storing all your favourite goodies and satisfying a sweet tooth, but they are also the perfect gift, storage solution and stylish addition to your home!

Plastic Sweet Jars | Keep It SweetPersonalised Sweet Jars | Plastic Sweet Jars | Keep It Sweet

Sweet Jars are the perfect gift for any sweet toothed pal or family member and is a unique way to show somebody your appreciation. However, if that person is anything like us, the sweets won’t stay in the jar for too long! That’s why sweet jars also make the perfect stylish storage solution to store everything from dry kitchen goods to all the odd bits and bobs that never seem to find a home. Our Glass Jars, as beautiful as they are, may not be the safest if you have small kiddies (or clumsy adults) running around so Plastic Sweet Jars are the perfect alternative. (They’re also cheaper too - meaning even more pennies to spend on sweets!)

As well as making for great storage, Plastic Sweet Jars are also a fun and quirky interior design accessory to jazz up your house. Our Bobble Topped and Spiral Necked Jars in particular have a fancy feel about them and are a cheap way to add the wow factor and a touch of excitement to a room. Not only can you choose the shape and size of the jar, but we also have a range of different coloured lids to add a pop of colour or to suit a particular colour scheme.

Plastic Sweet Jars, whether filled with sweets or not, make a great decorative addition, but why not add a truly unique touch and make a personal sweet jar by decorating one yourself? Get creative with glass paints, stencils and markers to add a splash of your own personality and to create a jar that you can treasure for years to come. Or why not make one for a friend and incorporate all of their favourite things or simply add a pretty pattern? Not only will you come out with a jazzed up jar, but it also makes a fun activity for a rainy day. If you’re looking for a more mess free option for the kids to get stuck into, stickers, ribbon and felt tips would also work.

As well as empty plastic sweet jars, we also have a range of themed jars that would make the perfect coffee table addition or a fun gift for any occasion. For example, our Girls Sweetie Jar, which is available in 3 different sizes, is the perfect gift to treat a special lady to and is filled to the brim with love themed sweets, old classics and a whole host of pink treats! Tuck into a tangy Loveheart Dip, get your tongue tingling with Giant Fizzers or accessorize with a fashionable (and tasty) Candy Necklace. Yum! We also have a range of other themes, including everything from Football Jars to Love Themed Jars, all filled with scrumptious delights for everyone to enjoy.

As well as the classic Plastic Sweet Jars, here at Keep It Sweet we also stock a selection of novelty shaped jars that are sure to put a smile on somebody’s face or will impress a guest. For example, our Jelly Baby Jar is a great gift for the whole family and is not only filled with these classic favourites, but is shaped like them too! Which Jelly Baby are you?

And Plastic Sweet Jars aren’t only good for decorating homes either; our range of Branded Jars would make the perfect addition to the meeting room or sprinkled around the office. Choose from plastic jars with printed labels or printed or etched glass jars that are completely personalised and unique to your business. Add your brand name, a logo or even a special message to impress customers and clients and to put an exciting twist on the classic tea and biscuits in important meetings - after all, who doesn’t love sweets?!

Plastic Sweet Jars are also a fun way to add a sweet touch to your wedding. Spread the love amongst your guests and give them that sugar kick to keep them on the dance floor with sweet jars as table decorations. Not only will it provide the perfect after-dinner treat, but they also look beautiful and can be adapted to suit any colour scheme or theme. For example, if you have a pink theme going on, why not fill jars with old-school favourites such as Strawberry Bon Bons and Foam Shrimps?

As well as Plastic Sweet Jars, we also have a range of other gifts and stylish decorations including our Shabby Chic Personalised Sign. This distressed effect sign makes a beautiful addition to any table or wall and is also perfect for hanging at weddings or events. Add up to 2 lines of your own message and simply wait for your gift to arrive on your doorstep! Or why add to your home with a Personalised Rustic Crate? Available in both wooden and white, this vintage themed box is perfect for storing everything from toys to books and again, can be personalised with up to 2 lines of your own text. Our smaller, bite sized jars such as our 250ml Retro Jar are also perfect for storing smaller bits and bobs, such as jewellery or miscellaneous desk items - that’s after all the delicious contents have been devoured of course!

View our full range of plastic sweet jars here and start planning your stylish home addition!