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Post-Christmas Blues? Why not try our retro sweets to cheer you up?

The post-Christmas period means back to work, miserable weather and the festive joy being over for another year. Retro sweets are a great way to beat the post-Christmas blues and cheer you up for the New Year ahead.

Why not try your favourite retro sweets to bring back happy childhood memories to put you in a positive mood? Liquorice is a retro classic and is one of the oldest sweets known. It was first used as medicine and was also issued to Roman soldiers to quench their thirst on long marches. Rotella Liquorice Wheels are fruity twirls that are packed with flavour and are even more enjoyable to eat due to the fun twirl shape. These would make a perfect treat to share with family and friends and reminisce over or to scoff in front of the TV on a night in!

We also offer Retro sweet jars, filled with old favourites including Dip Dabs, Flumps and Fizzers, for if you can’t decide on any particular sweets or want to be able to pick from a huge variety of sweets that will ensure you don’t go hungry for weeks. A retro sweets jar would also make a perfect gift for anyone suffering from post-Christmas blues or as a fun family treat for everyone to enjoy.

A great way to celebrate the start of the New Year and get excited for the future ahead would be to choose sweets from different eras for a blast from the past. Rosy Apples are the perfect mix of sweet and sour and have a strong, long-lasting apple flavour. They were a popular 90’s sweet that bring back memories of long car journeys or trips to the cinema for many people. What sweets bring back memories for you?

You will not be able to resist our retro sweets once you have tasted one and they are guaranteed to wipe away your Winter blues and leave you feeling cheerful this year. So order your retro sweets today for a delicious sugary pick me up!