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Re-Use Glass Sweet Jars for the Perfect Storage Solution

Are you holding on to empty jars, containers and general bits and bobs, unsure what to do with it all? We all do it, but how often do you actually end up doing something with it all?! Glass Sweet Jars are just one of the random items, which have many brilliant uses long after they’ve outlived their original use - here are just a few ideas…

Glass Sweet Jar 3ltr | Keep It Sweet Glass Sweets Love Jar | Keep It Sweet

Our Selection of Glass Sweet Jars are available in a range of varied sizes, from Small Glass Jars to large 3Ltr Glass Jars, we stock just about every size and shape you can imagine. Not only are Glass Sweet Jars a nostalgic icon of any old school sweet shop and sure to take you on a memory-filled trip down memory lane, but they are also brilliant for storage! Whether you’re a stationary lover looking for a quirky desk storage solution or are desperately searching for a new way to get your kids to keep their bedrooms tidy - there is a glass sweet jar for all uses! On of our favourite uses for our tiny 250ml jars is for bits and bobs storage - you know those random trinkets that you can never find a place for? Glass Sweet Jars are the perfect solution! Or why not store jewellery to ensure you are never searching on the floor for that lost earring back ever again!

Not only are glass sweets jars a useful storage option, but they also look great! They are a super simple and easy way to add a vintage touch to your home or office that won’t break the bank. Why not add your own personal touch by getting creative to spruce up an old jar? One perfect way to add a unique spin on an empty sweet jar is with paint. Paint the lids different colours, paint the insides or even add your own design to create a truly unique house addition that can be treasured and re-used for years to come. Why not use stencils to make designing your jar even simpler? This is also a great fun activity for kids and adults alike - perfect for rainy days stuck inside.

And Glass Sweet Jars aren’t just great for storage inside, but they can also be used outside to add a fun retro twist to a garden or balcony. One of our favourite ideas is to create a truly unique and beautiful garden lights. For the simplest approach, all you need to do is add a tea light or two inside the jar for the perfect addition to a summer evening spent outside. Or if you want to go one step further, add some fairy lights or a solar bulb and hang up for the perfect garden decoration!

We also have a range of Glass Sweet Jars in the form of ready-made gifts that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you have left present shopping a little late (of course you hadn’t forgotten!), are well and truly stumped for ideas, or simply can’t face the horrors of the high street, we have gifts to please everyone. Our classic gift is a Retro Sweet Jar. This classic sweetie jar is filled with loads of retro sweets and old-school classics from years gone by and contains all those favourites that would have kids queuing outside the corner shop for! Give someone the gift of fabulously fruity Fruit Salads, creamy Butterscotch and a very fashionable Candy Watch inside this jar for a unique gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Or if you are looking for a gift for a special someone, why not take a look at our Love Jar? This jar is filled with plenty of yummy love-themed delights, including Mini Lovehearts and Refresher Chews, and complete with a ribbon on top, is the perfect way to show somebody how much you care.

Alongside our brilliant range of glass sweet jars, we also have a great selection of plastic sweet jars to choose from - perfect for if you are looking for a cheaper and safer alternative (especially if there are clumsy people about!) Ranging from bite-sized 380ml jars to whopping big 6 litre jars, we have jars to cater for all numbers and to create a delicious sweet jar display, no matter how big or small. Once you have chosen your jar and either a bobble top or colourful lid, next simply decide which tasty sweets to fill it with! Why not look at some of our most popular retro sweets from decades gone by? One of our personal favourites is Flying Saucers. These iconic pastel delights are a true sweet shop must have and taste simply incredible! Filled full of delicious tangy sherbet, these explosive sweets look beautiful displayed in one of our sweet jars for the perfect table centre piece or coffee table addition to impress your guests.

Take a loot at all of our brilliant glass sweet jar range here.