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Rediscover Classic Retro Sweets with Keep It Sweet

Remember saving up your pennies for a sherbet straw (or 20!)? Remember stuffing your cheeks with as many cola bottles as you could muster when your mum wasn’t looking? Here at Keep It Sweet we have hundreds of retro sweets and old classics from years gone by to take you on a brilliantly nostalgic trip down memory lane, as well as tickling your taste buds! Take a look...

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Whether you are a lover of sour sweets, or prefer a more toned down approach to confectionery, we have something for everyone to enjoy here at Keep It Sweet. All of our retro sweets are sorted into flavours and different types of sweets to make it even easier for you to find your favourite treats. One of the most iconic classic sweet types is Liquorice. Whether you love it or hate it, liquorice is one of the oldest retro sweets around and is still just as popular as it once was. In fact, this traditional favourite dates back as far as 2044 BC, where it is said the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed chewing this old school treat. It has since been used in a number of recipes, medicines and potions, along with being one of the most popular sweets of all time - if its stayed around for that long it must be good, right!? Liquorice Allsorts are a true sweet shop classic and look just as great as they taste. Tuck into some of these after dinner or show a bit of appreciation to your family and friends with these tasty treats. Other delicious liquorice sweets include Liquorice Twists, Liquorice Wands and even Liquorice Torpedos! - in fact, if you are looking for a sweet that comes in a huge range of different shapes and forms then liquorice is your pick!

Another brilliant retro sweet that is sure to bring nostalgic memories flooding back are sour sweets. Make your tongue tingle and your eyes water with these fantastically delicious retro sweets - can you still handle the sting? Browse our selection of super sour sweets today and discover your sour limit. Check out our Mega Sour Apple Balls, if you honestly think you’re up for it, or how about the sourest of all sour boiled sweets, Toxic Waste? Super Sour Sweets, much like Liquorice, divide sweet fans and confectionary connoisseurs, with many people having either a love or hate relationship with them - here at Keep It Sweet we LOVE them! Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles are one of our favourites - filled with juicy and tangy sugaryness, these are the classic Cola Bottles on a mega scale and were our childhood dream! Or why not see if you can handle a double whammy of sourness with our Mega Sour Lemon Balls? These retro sweets are a combination of two mind-blowingly sour flavours and are sure to send your taste buds screaming for help! If that doesn’t appeal to a sour sweet lover then we don’t know what will!

Or maybe you are stuck with so many different options and don’t know which retro sweets to choose? Don’t worry, we feel like this everyday! Our sweet jars are the perfect option if you are overwhelmed with choice and contain a whole host of different retro sweets for the full nostalgic experience. From themed jars to personalised jars, as well as a range of empty jars and lids for you to fill yourself, our retro sweet jar selection is a brilliant way to experience a true traditional sweet shop straight from your school days. Our Football Jar is just one of our ever popular themed jars and is available in a range of different sizes to suit every occasion. Filled with Mini Chocolate Footballs galore alongside other tasty treats including Mini Haribo Mix and Candy Whistles, this is the perfect gift for a hardcore footie fan or would make a brilliant after game treat for the whole team to tuck into. Or maybe our British Sweets Jar is more up your street? This brilliantly British jar is full of patriotic retro sweets that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth or two. From chocolately Jazzies to chewy Drumstick Lollies, there is something for everyone to dig their teeth into inside this fantastic jar.

We also sell a range of the most popular retro sweets in bulk for large events or so you can stock up with all your favourite treats to keep you going for months to come! Flying Saucers are one of the most well known and well loved retro sweets of all time. These sherbet filled goodies are bright, colourful and simply delicious, so why not stock up so you won’t run out anytime soon?! Or bulk buy fruity lollies for those late night sugar cravings or the perfect addition to a children’s party?

View our full selection of retro sweets here and start getting nostalgic!