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Rediscover your youth with traditional and retro sweets

Many of us have fond memories of sweets from our childhood. Maybe it’s walking into the Old Sweet shop to spend your pocket money? Or seeing who could get their tongue more blue from Raspberry Bon Bons with your friends? Retro and Traditional sweets were something that many of us enjoyed as a child, but there is no reason we can’t still enjoy them now!

Just like an Old Fashioned sweet shop, we offer hundreds of different sweets to choose from, so you may feel overwhelmed! If you can’t resist your sweet tooth and simply fancy a bit of everything, a Retro Classics Jar is the perfect option to satisfy your sugar craving. Packed with all the Retro classics and some of the most popular traditional sweets, it is guaranteed to bring you a sense of nostalgia and take you back to carefree days when choosing which sweets to spend your pennies on was your biggest worry! Jazzies, Ring Pops and White Mice are just some of the delicious treats waiting to be devoured inside - making it perfect to share with family or friends.

Sherbet Fountains are one of the most popular and fun to eat retro sweets, that many people remember from their youth. The rich and fruity liquorice mixed with the tangy sherbet makes the perfect combination for tingling taste buds. Sherbet first started being made in the 1800s and used to be stirred into a glass of water to make a fizzy drink. Since then, sherbet has been made into a variety of different sweets, including Flying Saucers and Sherbet Lemons, and paired with liquorice to make the delicious Sherbet Fountain, which is still packaged in the classic tube shape that many people remember.

Another Retro tuckshop classic are Fizzy Blue Bottles - delicious bubblegum flavoured Fizzy bottle shaped sweets, with classic blue and pink colouring. Why not challenge your friends or colleagues to see if you can still handle the fizziness of these tangy delights? Or see if you can eat these and keep a straight face!

Whatever your age, retro and traditional sweets are a perfect way to rediscover your youth and the child within you! So view our sweets range today for endless amounts of fun.