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Relive Your Childhood With Retro Sweets

Bring out your inner child once again with our fantastic range of retro sweets here at Keep It Sweet. From fizzy Flying Saucers to fresh and fruity Wine Gums, there is something for everyone to dig into from our brilliant range of old school classics…

Blue Raspberry Bon Bons | Retro Sweets | Keep It SweetLemon Sherbets | Retro Sweets | Keep It Sweet

The childhood joy of snuffling an extra Cola Bottle when nobody’s looking, seeing how long you can make a Gobstopper last, or daring to bear a super sour Toxic Waste provides everlasting fun and laughter. But who’s to say that this joy is just for children?! Our huge range of retro sweets contains every sweet treat you could ever dream of and is sure to bring back many a nostalgic memory…just don’t eat them all at once! One of the oldest and most iconic types of retro sweets is Boiled Sweets. These prove time and time again that less is more and simple is best! Their creation dates back as far as the 19th century and they remain a true household staple to this very day. Our most popular hard boiled sweets include fizzy and fruity Lemon Sherbets and old-school favourite Cola Cubes. But if these don’t take your fancy, then do not fear! We have everything from brightly coloured Pineapple Rock to classic Clove Balls to satisfy your sweet tooth.

To make it even easier for you to find your favourite retro sweets from your childhood, all of our treats and goodies are categorised into the decades they were created or became popular. The 90s are one of our very favourites when it comes to sweets - for they oversaw the growth of all sweets sour! We don’t know about you, but here at Keep It Sweet we are suckers for any sweets tongue-tingling, mouth-watering, cheek- acheingly sour! One of the most well known sour retro sweets around are Toxic Waste. These incredibly sour sweets kicked off the 90s craze and before long everyone had a taste for sweets to wake up their taste buds! Why not tuck into some sour Gumpowder for some seriously sizzling sugaryness or hold on to your hat if you dare try a Mega Sour Apple Ball! Another popular sour 90s sweet are Giant Blue Bottles. This tangy twist on the classic Fizzy Cola Bottle is a true classic and is even better in bumper size! How many can you handle?

Many of your memories of Retro Sweets might involve the old sweet shop outside the school gates and the agonising decision of what to spend your pocket money on this week. We have a huge range of old sweet shop classics and long-running favourites to put a smile on your face and take you back to those good old childhood days. Bon Bons are one of the most-loved sweets around and are simply unbeatable! Complete with everlasting flavour and a delicious chewyness, choosing between the different types is never going to be easy. Turn your tongue a fun shade of blue with Blue Raspberry Bon Bons, indulge in some creamy Chocolate Bon Bons or put a pep in your step with tangy Lemon Bon Bons. Or why not just ‘sample’ a variety of these scrumptious delights to find out which is really the best!

The supermarket may contain a whole host of delicious goodies and treats, but a good retro sweet simply can’t be found in the shops. Remember the hours spent in the corner shop making the all-important decision of choosing which sweets to have or that sticky pocket feeling when you leave a sweet or two in there for a bit too long! Retro Sweet Jars are the perfect remedy for those winter day blues and contain a whole load of old favourites to bring out fond memories and fill you with nostalgia. For example, our Retro Classics Jar contains some of our most popular traditional and retro sweets including fruity Chewits, magical-tasting Rainbow Drops and even Gummy Burgers to munch on. What’s more, they are available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget or occasion.

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