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Remember those old school sweets you can’t buy in the shops anymore?

Remember rushing to the sweet shop after school to spend your pocket money? Or trying to hide your blue tongue from your parents after eating one too many Bon Bons? Whatever old school sweets stick in your mind, we are here to offer those classic favourites that are no longer available in the shops to take you on a tasty trip down memory lane…

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From traditional hard boiled sweets, to Jelly sweets or even mouth-wateringly sour sweets, we have every old school sweet you could possibly think of to bring back nostalgic memories and get your taste buds tingling! To make it even easier for you to find your favourite childhood delights, all of our sweets are organised into categories of the years they originated from or were most popular. For example, the 1960s was not only a time for flares and flower crowns, but also for a whole host of delicious sweets and goodies! With sugar rationing ceasing only a decade before, the 60s saw a boom in iconic sweets including Gumballs, Pear Drops and the all-time favourite Jelly Beans that have been loved and devoured throughout the years.

The 1970s saw a huge rise in the variety of sweets available and provided many of the most-loved old school sweets there have been. Along with traditional favourites including White Mice, Foam Bananas and Strawberry Cremes, the 70s also introduced us to a whole new sweets craze - all things fizzy! Flying Saucers are, to this day, a firm sweet shop favourite and are zingy, tangy and explosively fruity and are near impossible not to eat all in one go. Along with eye-popping Fizz Wiz and sharp Sherbet Lemons, 70s sweets are sure to provide you with a fun blast from the past and will definitely wake up your taste buds!

Or maybe you’re an 80’s kid? If so, why not relive your childhood days with a Retro Party Bag? Filled to the brim with retro sweets from the 70s and 80s, candy striped bags full of old school sweets and classic goodies are the perfect addition to a party or special occasion to brighten somebody’s day and to fill your guests with nostalgia and sweet memories. Turn you tongue an eerie shade of black with a delicious Black Jack chew, see how many Sherbet Straws you can eat in a row or bring the memories flooding back with a tasty Fizzy Cola Bottle. Did you know that Fizzy Cola Bottles have been named Britain’s favourite sweet of all time - twice! If that doesn’t convince you to give them a try then we don’t know what will!

The 90s saw the sales of sour sweets skyrocket and people discovered the joys of eye-wateringly sour sweets and treats. Bring back memories of your childhood days with a super sour Toxic Waste or rediscover the joys of scrumptious Fizzy Belts. Can you still handle it!? Or to really get a taste of the past, why not indulge in one of our Sweet and Sour Jars? This 2 litre jar is crammed full of Zappers, Mega Sour Balls and plenty of other sour treats for you to share amongst your family and friends (or devour all to yourself!).

Sweet Jars also make the perfect gift that not only contains mouth-wateringly good old school sweets, but also fun childhood memories that simply can’t be recreated with supermarket sweets. Show someone special how much you care with a Love Jar filled with everything love-themed from Mini Lovehearts to Strawberry Millions. We can even provide gift wrapping and a card to make it even easier for you to create a memorable and unique present. Or if you are looking for a gift for more than one person, or a fantastic edible table centre piece, our Retro Sweet Bowl is filled with nostalgia and plenty of retro favourites including everything from Tubble Gum to Wham Bars. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

One of the most popular and most-loved types of retro sweets are penny sweets. There was nothing better than racing to the corner shop after school to spend your pocket money on sugary treats with your friends and all of us can remember begging our mum to let us have some Cola Cubes or Sherbet Pips on the weekend. Although no longer available and, sadly, no longer a penny, we have a huge range full of all your favourite old school penny sweets to re-ignite your taste buds and take you back to those carefree days once again. Dig into some coconut Toasted Teacakes over a cuppa or indulge in some unbelievably creamy Vanilla Fudge. Whatever takes your fancy, we have it!

And Old School sweets aren’t only for treating yourself, they are also the perfect marketing tool for businesses and brands to attract the attention of clients and customers. Make a big impact and create a great impression with our wide variety of different branded sweets and corporate confectionery. For example, brand your own Boiled Sweets and even choose the flavour, filling and colours to create a highly effective promotional sweet that is certain to satisfy a sweet tooth and ensure that your brand sticks in somebody’s mind. Or why not put a smile on someone’s face with a retro Sweet Cup? Containing Fruit Chews and Rainbow Drops galore, this bite-sized sweet treat would also make a great staff incentive that is sure to be appreciated and will bring back many fond memories. With everything from Sticks of Rock to larger hampers or business gifts, there are old school sweets for every occasion that simply can’t be found on the high street.

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