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Retro Sweets can be the prefect promotional tool!

Promotional Sweets

Sweets can be the perfect promotional tool. Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well-being, so what better than to associate your brand or business with this good feeling?

Retro sweets such as Candy Shrimps, Bananas, Flying Saucers, Rhubarb and Custards, along with many more, can be a firm favourite when it comes to promotions. When given to the customer, they will evoke the feeling of nostalgia, a memory which will stick in their mind and will from then on be associated with your company.

One of the most popular of the retro sweets for promotions are Jelly Beans. It is thought that the Jelly Bean first surfaced in 1861 when William Schrafft, a Boston confectioner, urged people to send his Jelly Beans to the soldiers during the American Civil War. Today, most historians contend that the Jelly Bean was first linked with celebrations of Easter. Most Jelly Beans are sold as an assortment of around eight different flavours, most of them fruit based. The colours often correspond with the flavour. The fact they are so colourful is one of the reasons they are so popular when used as promotional sweets. They grab the attention of the customer. Not to mention they taste fantastic with the range of flavours they are available in, there is bound to be a flavour for everyone.

Going back to the point of grabbing the customers attention, these promotional sweets can be presented in many weird and wonderful ways. Packaging can be created and branded with a design or logo of your choice. Personalised bags are one of the most popular product options for promotions. The bag can be branded with a design of your choice. They can then be filled with our most popular retro sweets such as Jelly Beans, Boiled Sweets amongst many other options for you to choose from.

Another firm favourite when it comes to promotional sweets are the Retro Pyramids. Filled with the perfect range of retro sweets such as, Palma Violets, Fizzers, Black Jacks, Anglo Bubbly, Mini Lovehearts, Butterscotch, Fruit Chews, Refreshers and Fruit Salads. They look fantastic and they are bound to be well remembered with the range of wonderful flavours inside.

For more details of the corporate sweet packages we offer do not hesitate to contact us today.