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Retro sweets or modern sweets - which are best?

Retro Sweets

Every day there are new weird, wacky and unique sweets that appear on the supermarket shelves. Modern sweets appear to be taking over, but can they beat the old retro classics?

Retro sweets include sweets such as Sherbet Straws, Wham Bars and Flumps that will take you back to your childhood days in a flash and bring back memories of the old sweet shop on the corner. Do you remember sneaking in after school to satisfy your sweet tooth? Or having pockets filled with sticky sweets after devouring some sugary treats all in one go? Flying Saucers are a firm sweet shop favourite and one of the most popular retro sweets. The perfect combination of flavoured rice paper and the tongue-tingling, zangy sherbet is hard to beat and is the classic retro sweet that everyone loves.

There may be crazy flavours, bizarre shapes and colours brighter than ever before, but can new modern sweets live up to the all-time favourites? From mild flavours such as those of creamy Milk Chews and Strawberry Bon Bons, to eye-watering fruity bubblegum Zappers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Retro sweets also come in fun shapes to put a smile on every child’s (and adult’s) face. For example, Beach Mix not only represents the true taste of childhood but are just as fun to eat as they are delicious! Pick your way through beach balls and buckets - perfect for long car journeys or a sunny summer’s day.

Some retro sweets date back hundreds of years, such as Toffee. First created when the price of sugar was reduced due to cheap labour, it became more readily available and people started to experiment with different tasty ingredients. Nowadays, there are Banana, Chocolate covered and even Coconut flavoured toffees that are sure to ignite your taste buds. Other traditional favourites Black Jacks, aniseed flavour chews that turn your tongue black, Lemon Sherbets and simply irresistible Milk Chocolate Raisins.


So can modern sweets beat the old favourites? Or will retro sweets forever be the best? View our full range of retro sweets here and start deciding for yourself.