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Retro Sweets your Grandma will remember

Kick back with some White Mice, indulge in some scrumptious Fizzy Fish or treat yourself to a tongue tingling Dip Dab. We stock over 200 types of retro sweets for you to dig into, whatever it is that takes your fancy.

Lemon Bon Bons | Keep It SweetDip Dab | Keep It Sweet

Not only do we offer sweets that your Grandma will remember, but many of our sweets are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories and take you back to your childhood. Retro Sweets take a huge variety of different shapes and forms that will tickle your taste buds and will also look great. From fabulously fruity Yellow Bellies Snakes to soft, foamy Mushrooms, we have sweets of every shape, texture and flavour that you could ever wish for! Why not tuck into a delicious Toffee Log? - The perfect snack for those rainy days and great for sharing amongst family or friends (or to enjoy all to yourself!) Toffee is an iconic old-time classic that is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane and tastes so deliciously mouth-watering. The origins of this devilishly sweet treat is debatable, but some theories suggest that it first became popular after the price of sugar fell in the 19th century and people started to fill their kitchens with toffee deliciousness and haven’t stopped loving this traditional treat ever since!

Many of your memories of Retro Sweets might involve the old sweet shop outside the school gates and the agonising decision of which goodies to pick this week. We have a huge range of old sweet shop classics and long-running favourites to put a smile on your face and take you back to those good old childhood days. Bon Bons are one of the most-loved sweets around and are simply unbeatable! Dusted with icing sugar and with everlasting flavour, choosing between the different types is never going to be easy. Turn your tongue a fun shade of blue with Blue Raspberry Bon Bons, indulge in some creamy Chocolate Bon Bons or put a pep in your step with tangy Lemon Bon Bons. Or why not just ‘sample’ a variety of these scrumptious delights to find out which is really the best!

Retro Sweets are not only an ideal bite-sized treat to dig into at home, but also make the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues. For example, our Retro Tuckshop Box is a bumper collection of sweets galore that will leave anybody spoilt for choice and contains plenty of different goodies and delights to tickle everyone’s fancy! From Strawberry Refreshers to Giant Flumps, this brilliant box is filled to the brim with sweet treats to keep a sweet tooth satisfied for months on end and is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

Novelty sweets and fun shaped sweets are all part of the retro sweets enjoyment. When else can you make sentences with your food before devouring it than with Alphabet Gums? Or check your Candy Watch before biting off a piece of the fruity accessory? The unique shapes and forms of retro sweets make them not only taste even more delicious (in our opinion!) but is also one of the things that makes them so memorable and special. Fizzy Dummies is just one retro sweet that everyone remembers from days gone by and are covered in a zesty, fizzy coating and a perfect mix of fruity, fizziness. Along with Fizzy Cola Bottles, everyone remembers getting ‘married’ with a Gummy Ring or trying to scare your friends with some spooky Jelly Dracula Teeth. Let your eyes sizzle and your eyes pop with some Fizzy Mix or try your parent’s old trick and keep the kids quiet with a Fizzy Chip or two!

Retro Sweets also go down especially well at weddings and are sure to leave your guests reminiscing over fond memories and happy times after the big day. Why not treat your friends and relatives with a Retro Cube sweet wedding favour containing many of your retro favourites in a cute little Perspex cube. Celebrate your big day and spread the love with Mini Lovehearts, top up your energy levels on the dance floor with some Parma Violets and let your guests have some fun turning their tongues black with chewy Black Jacks (just be sure to do this after the photographs!) We also have themed jars and sweet bars containing fun themed retro sweets to add to any event and to put a smile on people’s faces. For example, why not celebrate all things British at your wedding with a British Jar filled with everything from Union Jack Rock to classic Mini Haribo Mix? Or treat your bridesmaids and best man with Girls and Boys Sweet Jars to show your appreciation and give as a small token of thanks on the big day.

Or maybe you are a business or brand looking for a unique and highly effective way to market your business or promote an event? If so, retro sweets are just for you! When using retro sweets for events and exhibitions they can pull in a crowd, entice people over to your stall or stand and ensure that your brand sticks in their mind when they recognise retro sweets and treats that they connect with happy childhood memories and the old sweetshop on the corner. Pillow Boxes are one of our newest additions to our huge range of corporate sweets and branded confectionery and look great as promotional giveaways. Available to suit every budget and occasion, simply choose your sweets to go inside and add a branded sticker to create a hassle-free and truly different marketing tool that will give clients and customers a great impression of your brand. We also have Branded Sweet Tins, Logo Lollies and even Rice Paper for you to choose from.

View our full range of retro sweets here and start choosing your favourites - decisions, decisions!