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Start Your Summer Right with Retro Sweets

Do you remember walking home from the local sweet shop with a paper bag filled with sticky sweets in your pocket? Or sneaking to the corner shop after school to stock up on all your favourite treats? Here at Keep It Sweet we stock over 400 different classic retro sweets from days gone by to resurface nostalgic memories and to help you bring in summer with a bang!

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If sweets such as Fizz Wiz, Wham Bars, Dip Dabs and Candy Sticks don’t ring a bell then your childhood was never lived in a sweet lover’s eyes. Whether you are looking for fun new sweets to try or are hoping to rediscover some old classics from your youth, we have retro sweets from every decade and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Our most popular retro sweets are Flying Saucers. These fun, fruity treats are the perfect sweet delights to get you into the summer mood and the tongue-tingling sensation of the zingy sherbet is sure to put a smile on people’s faces. The first Flying Saucers were produced in the 1960s and have remained hugely popular ever since. In fact, they have previously been named the most popular sweet of all time - if that doesn’t convince you that these sweets are onto a winner then we don’t know what will!

Although Flying Saucers were named the number one sweet, there were plenty of other great retro sweets that were narrowly pipped to the post that will also bring happy memories flooding back. One popular favourite is Sherbet Lemons, like Flying Saucers, these too are filled with delicious tangy sherbet to wake up your taste buds and are the perfect sweet snack for those long summer days. Why not add a splash of colour to your home this summer and display some of these vibrant sweets in one of our glass sweet jars? Not only will it add a retro feel to your home but it is sure to impress any visiting guests also!

As summer is fast approaching, the BBQs are getting dusted off and the beach towels are being searched for at the back of the cupboard. What better way to celebrate the sunny (or not so sunny in England!) days than with some summer themed retro sweets? Our most iconic summery sweets are Beach Mix. These delicious fruit flavoured gums are sweet, summery and the true taste of childhood. Dig into these on a long car journey or on days out for a fantastic sugar fix. Another favourite treat of ours is Candy Cones. These ice-cream shaped delights are made from luxuriously smooth strawberry and cream flavoured candy and simply can’t be beaten!

Or why not sweeten up a classic British summertime treat with our Fish and Chips retro sweets? These classic creamy white chocolate flavoured fish and chips shapes are pure pieces of yumminess and are the perfect addition to a summertime picnic - you could even add a few of our Chocolate Champagne Bottles if you want to get really fancy!

We also stock a huge range of branded retro sweets and corporate sweets for businesses. What better time than summer to revamp your brand and go the extra mile to impress customers and clients? Promotional sweets are the perfect promotional and marketing tool and are sure to create a great name and reputation for your brand. After all, sweetness is associated with pleasure and well being, so what better than to associate this feeling with your brand? Neapolitans are just one of the ways in which you can leave a sweet impression in people’s minds with retro sweets. Branded Neapolitan after eight chocolates are the perfect way to provide your company information or a personalised message to potential customers and clients and from only 9p per sweet, are one of the cheapest ways to entice a crowd at events or meetings. We also have Branded Logo Lollies, Branded Sweet Bags and larger products such as Sweet Tins and Jars for you to create something truly unique to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Retro Sweets are among the most popular confectionery wanted for weddings, christenings, parties, exhibitions and events, along with many other special occasions. We have plenty of gifts and eye-catching and decorative products that not only contain brilliant sweets, but also look great and can add the perfect finishing touch to really give the wow factor. For example, our Sweet Bars are an assortment of the most popular retro sweets from days gone by, displayed in beautiful glass jars, complete with tongs, scoops and paper bags to create an authentic and nostalgic traditional sweet shop feel. We have Sweet Bars available in 3 different sizes to cater for all numbers and the bumper selection of Marshmallows, Jelly Beans, Fizzy Mix and more are certain to create an event to remember.

If you are looking for an extra special gift - whether it be for a birthday, wedding or another occasion - then we have plenty of sweet options for any sweetie fans out there! Our Retro Tuckshop Box is perfect for all ages and for all occasions and is great value for money with over 30 different types of retro sweets hidden inside. Wear a fruity Ring Pop, get musical with a Candy Whistle and take a trip down memory lane with Highland Toffee Bars - a gift that anyone with a sweet tooth will not forget in a hurry!

View our full range of retro sweets here and get ordering your favourite treats in time for summer today.