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Struggling for Birthday gift ideas? Why not try personalised sweets?

Buying birthday gifts can be tricky - if you are stuck for ideas then look no further than personalised sweets. There is a huge variety of different sweets and gifts to choose from that are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth and make their birthday a good one.

Sweet Jars are a perfect gift for any friends or family members who like to get their sugar fix. There is a range of different themed jars to choose from, whether you are buying for a child or for somebody who can handle sour sweets! For example, we all know someone who is football mad - brighten up their day with a Football Jar, filled with classic retro sweets and plenty of sporty themed delights, this delicious collection of treats is sure to get them through their favourite team’s matches.

Personalised Sweet Jars also make a perfect birthday gift, made unique to them. Available in small and large sizes, Personalised Birthday Jars are crammed full of retro goodies and traditional sweets including Choc Dips, Sherbet Fountains and Popping Candy. Popping Candy was first created in 1956 in America and in the 1970s became one of the hottest selling sweets in history. The tingling sensation experienced when putting this fruity or cola flavoured sweets into your mouth never gets old and will provide endless fun for anyone on their birthday.

For real sugar lovers, why not consider a Mega Tuck Shop Box? This bumper selection of delights is what we all really wanted as a child and makes a great birthday gift or a fab centrepiece for a birthday party. Packed with over 28 different retro sweets including Drumstick Lollies, Haribo and Chewits, this hamper full of all things sweet will ensure they are never far from a sugar fix or would make a great gift to share with friends.

View our full retro sweets collection online and get ordering the perfect birthday gifts for all your friends and family.