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Sweet Jars - A Perfect Gift for All

We all know what its like to rush around looking for a last minute gift or desperately trying to find a gift for that one person who’s impossible to buy for. Here at Keep It Sweet we’re here to save you from this panic with our fantastic range of Sweet Jars! Not only are sweet jars filled with sugary contents galore, but they are also affordable and unique for the perfect gift for every occasion!

Birthday Sweet Jar | Sweet Jars | Keep It SweetEaster Sweet Jar | Sweet Jars | Keep It Sweet

One of our most popular options for sweet jars as gifts is our range of Personalised Sweet Jars. These brilliant gifts are available in a huge variety of different themes to suit everyone’s tastes and are super easy and hassle free. Simply choose the jar you’d like, then add your own special personalised message to print on the label and then sit back and wait for your jar to arrive - it really couldn’t be easier! From wonderfully colourful Retro Personalised Sweet Jars to specific themed jars such as our Easter Personalised Sweet Jar, we have jars suitable for all occasions, all containing different sugary goodies! One of our most popular personalised sweet jars is the Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar. This classic jar is perfect for sweet-lovers of all ages and is crammed full of all the most popular retro sweets from years gone by. Send someone a nostalgic trip down memory lane with tongue-tingling Sherbet Fountains, creamy chocolate White Mice, mouth-watering Fruit Salads or introduce someone to all your childhood favourites! If you’re lucky they might even share a couple!

Or if you’ve got some particular sweets in mind but are looking for that extra way to make a gift special, then sweet jars are also a beautiful way to display sweets and treats. Here at Keep It Sweet we have a huge selection of glass and plastic sweet jars to choose from, in many different shapes and sizes. From massive 5 litre Boutique Glass Jars to cute, pint-sized 250ml bobble-topped jars, there are plenty of different options so we’re sure you’ll find what you’re after, or if not, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll be happy to help you bring your sweet ideas to life!

We have hundreds of different retro sweets from every decade gone by to fill a sweet jar with. If you are stuck for ideas, then why not take a look at our fantastic range of traditional sweets? Sure to bring back many childhood memories of penny sweets and the days of pocket money, there are also loads of bright and colourful options that look great displayed inside a glass sweet jar! One of the most iconic traditional sweets that you are sure to remember is Rhubarb and Custards. The mother of all boiled sweets, these old favourites are oh so delicious and are based on the classic British dessert. Stick some of these in a jar for the perfect gift or even a ‘gift-to-self’ (shhh! we won’t tell!)

Not only are sweet jars a great gift because of the mouth-watering contents, but they are also surprisingly useful long after the sweets have been devoured! Add an elegant touch to your kitchen by storing ingredients in glass sweet jars - not only does it look great, but its also brilliantly practical and easy to find things too - win win! In fact, they are useful for storing pretty much anything - pencils, cutlery or the random bits and bobs that you can never find a home for - the options are endless! Or glass sweet jars can even be decorated in a huge number of different ways to add a unique touch to a coffee table. Spice up an old jar with glass paints, stencils, ribbons and stickers or go one step craftier and you can make tea light holders, vases or even a snow globe with your old jars!

Alongside our fantastic range of sweet jars, here at Keep It Sweet we also have a range of other gifts and sweets for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties and more! Party Bags are one of our favourite products and never fail to bring back endless happy childhood memories. No matter what the occasion, be sure to put a big smile on your guests’ faces with these little bags of joy - no matter the size or budget of your event, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect party bags! Our Football Party Bag always goes down well and is the perfect treat after a match or to please any footie-mad pals. Filled with retro sweets including Haribo, Fruit Salads and Drumstick Lollies, this party bag also contains a few football themed treats to add an extra special touch to your party or event. Or we also have Spooky Bags, Casino Bags and even Tutti Frutti Party Bags - all with their own unique contents, along with the essential lollies and a few classics that are must-haves for every party!

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