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Sweeten up your prospective clients with Promotional Sweets

From Jelly Beans to Sour Suckers, retro and traditional sweets come in almost every shape and form you can imagine. Whatever sweets you enjoy, it’s impossible to dig into a sweet treat and not have a smile on your face! Leave a sweet impression in potential client’s minds and impress customers with promotional sweets, a unique and affordable way to sweeten up prospective clients.

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Promotional sweets are the perfect promotional tool to attract potential customers and clients at events and exhibitions. Branded Glass Sweet Jars are the perfect way to display promotional sweets to catch people’s eye and entice them over to your stall. Jars can be filled with most sweets from our huge selection and are available in a variety of sizes to suit every budget. Boiled Sweets such as Lemon Sherbets, Chocolate Limes and Strawberry and Creams are popular for giving away at corporate events as they are cheap, can be individually wrapped and are bright and colourful to make your stall stand out over others. Why not go the extra mile to impress and fill these traditional jars with Customised Boiled Sweets? Choose the colour, flavour and even pattern of these promotional sweets to create your very own unique sweet to ensure that your brand sticks in client’s minds.

Other Promotional Sweets that are the perfect bite-sized treats to give away to prospective clients at events or meetings are Neapolitans. These branded after dinner chocolates are a delicious way to provide your business information and will ensure that your company sticks out over others. From only 9p per sweet, not only are these sweet chocolatey treats sure to put a smile on a client’s face, but they will also keep your bank balance happy and will be sent straight to you with a click of a button, to allow you to impress your customers without any unnecessary stress. Or if you are looking for an even more fun and memorable way to advertise your company, Branded Fortune Cookies are a truly personal way of getting your message across with Promotional Sweets. Fortune Cookies were said to first be invented in 1918 and were originally given out for free in the streets of Los Angeles, with a strip of paper inside containing and inspirational message or bible scripture on. Nowadays, they contain everything from cryptic to mystical messages inside, so why not add your company information inside these mysteriously sweet treats!

Trying to impress clients during meetings with limited time and space can be difficult. Promotional sweets are the perfect meeting snack to make somebody smile and bring potential clients a sense of nostalgia and to take them on a trip down memory lane to their childhoods. Bespoke Tins are one of the most fun ways to display sweets and to brighten up any meeting table on a dreary Monday morning. From simple circular tins to colourful car-shaped tins, there are many options for you to choose from and they can be filled with any sweets of your choice. If you are struggling over which delicious goodies to pick, why not fill with some of our most popular retro and traditional sweets? For example, Fruit Salads are some of the most iconic retro sweets of all time and are the perfect tangy chews to satisfy a sweet tooth and to ensure potential clients think only good things about your brand. Sadly though, these classic chews don’t count as one of your five-a-day…

Another great option to add the wow factor to an event or meeting is a Sweet Bar. Once people know that free sweets are on offer you will be sure to draw a crowd or they are the perfect treat to keep in the office to ensure nobody in the team ever has to go without satisfying their sweet craving! Choose from our ready made sweet bar collection containing some of our most popular and well-known sweets such as Flying Saucers and Marshmallows, or select your own sweets to create a sweet promotion that is unique to you and will stick in client’s minds. Why not fill jars with sweets that match your company logo or colour scheme so that clients associate that colour or sweet with your brand? For example, Chocolate Coins are one of the most well-known sweets of all time and can be made with lots of different coloured wrappers. These much-loved promotional sweets can also be branded to display your logo or message. By associating your brand with these classic Christmas favourites, you can also associate with that feeling of fun and excitement. We can also provide sweet bar accessories including tongs and paper bags to create a true traditional sweet shop feel to sweeten up your clients!

If you are looking to provide promotional sweets for a large number of people or have visions of creating a marketing masterpiece involving sweets, do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be more than happy to help you make your dreams become a reality. Whether you are looking for several tonnes of Jelly Babies, or 1,000 jars of Strawberry Laces, we can supply you with the stock you need to really go to town and impress. Not only can you bulk buy many of our most popular sweets, but we also offer personalised sweets in great numbers to giveaway or to create a great sweet promotion. For example, Personalised Rock Pieces are the perfect promotional sweets to give clients a feel of the seaside and the bright, eye-catching colours are sure to put a smile on their face.

If you’re looking for something larger with an individual client in mind, Retro Sweet Cups make excellent gifts and contains something to suit everyone’s taste. You can even add your own personal message to really impress. Along with Sweet Cups, we also offer Sweet Hampers, Sweet Buckets and a huge range of Business Gifts to show your appreciation or to give as a token of thanks. View our full range of promotional sweets here and don’t hesitate to contact us for help creating great sweet promotions.