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Sweeter and Cheaper, buy your retro sweets online.

Whether it be fruity, minty or even fizzy, we have sweet treats to take everyone’s fancy and to satisfy any sweet tooth. And not only does our huge range of retro sweets taste delicious, but they also won’t break the bank! Order your cheap sweet jars and tasty delights online with the click of the button and simply wait for them to arrive at your doorstep…

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Despite the contents of a sweet jar being the main thought on everyone’s mind, our cheap glass and plastic sweet jars are also very aesthetically pleasing and are perfect for adding the wow factor to any event or party. Fill jars with a range of different retro sweets to take guests on a trip down memory lane and create a great sense of nostalgia by recreating an old fashioned sweet shop. Our jars are available in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit every occasion and are also great to customise and add your own twist to. For example, why not use glass paints to stencil designs on for a birthday party? Or tie a ribbon around the top to match your wedding’s colour scheme? Even the most simple of things can add so much meaning to a simple jar!

Another great use for sweet jars is as a unique and fun gift. Choose your own sweets to fill a jar with or pick from our selection of themed cheap sweet jars to create a special present that is guaranteed to put a smile on somebody’s face. Maybe you are looking for a present for a die-hard footie fan? If so, our Football Jar is what you need! Available in two different sizes to suit every budget, this jar is full to the brim with oodles of retro classics and football-themed sweet treats including Football Rock, Chocolate Footballs and even a Mini Hand Clapper to get into the competitive spirit! Our other themed jars include the British Jar, filled with all sweets British to get you feeling patriotic, or a Love Themed Jar, perfect for showing some love to somebody special.

Or for an even more memorable and unique gift, our Personalised Sweet Jars are the perfect affordable way to give somebody a nostalgic gift with a personal touch. Our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is the perfect gift for the person who has everything and is sure to satisfy a sugar craving. This Sweet Jar is filled with classic retro sweets and traditional favourites including Drumstick Lollies, Rainbow Drops and Refreshers that are perfect for brightening somebody’s special day. Or with Halloween fast approaching, why not add your own message to one of our Spooky Jars? Filled with tongue-tingling, mouth-watering delights, it contains the perfect frighteningly tasty treats for trick-or-treaters or for getting into the holiday spirit.

Or if you are looking to fill your own cheap sweet jars or have a particular vision in mind, we have a huge variety of retro sweets from days gone by that are guaranteed to bring back childhood memories and will make an eye-catching and quirky gift or addition to an event. Maybe you are looking to create DIY tasty table decorations for a wedding? If so, sweet jars will not only impress your guests by looking great, but the contents will ensure to keep up the sugar levels of any flagging guests on the dance floor! Candy Letters are a retro favourite loved by kids and adults alike. Let your guests release their inner child and create messages with these fruity letters before devouring them! Or why not fill a jar with White Mice? – The perfect creamy, chocolaty after dinner treats. Yum!

Another great way to use sweet jars as part of your wedding is to create bite-sized wedding favours. Our 250ml bobble-topped jars are the perfect size for filling with sweets to make a retro treat for your guests. Fill with fun Chocolate Jazzies or Candy Necklaces to give your guests a piece of the day to take home with them. Or why not fill these mini jars with Mini Lovehearts to celebrate the theme of the big day?

Sweet Jars are also a great way to cater for large numbers of people without an excessive cost. Whether you are planning a Birthday Party, a corporate event or even a Christening, creating a sweet bar not only pleases the masses, but also makes a fun and memorable table centre piece. Our Sweet Bars can cater for any amount of people, no matter how few or how many, and contains a selection of our most popular retro sweets, including old favourites such as Black Jacks. Black Jacks are aniseed flavour chews that are loved by many. Children especially are usually a fan of Black Jacks due to the fact they turn your tongue black! Not only are they fun to eat, but they are also extremely tasty, but don’t worry, our cheap sweet jars also contain retro sweets such as Flying Saucers and Jelly Beans if the thought of a colourful tongue puts you off.

Along with our range of sweet jars, we also offer a selection of tongs, scoops and paper bags to allow you to create an authentic traditional sweet shop feel without any hassle. Why not allow your guests to pick and mix their own sweets to create their own party bag? Not only will they get a bag full of delicious goodies to take home with them, but it will ensure to make the whole experience much more memorable. Choose from creamy Chocolate Coins to more obscure Crazy Crocs and simply display in some of our sweet jars to create a centrepiece that will get all the guests talking (and all mouths watering!).

View our full range of cheap sweet jars here and get choosing your delicious retro sweets to fill them with.