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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Retro Toys

Do you remember showing off your latest yoyo tricks or trying to scare your friends with a Jumping Spider? Here at Keep It Sweet we offer a large selection of Retro Toys and games to put a smile on every child’s (and adult’s!) face, and to provide some classic retro fun.

Bouncy Putty Egg | Retro Toys | Keep It SweetChampagne Bubbles | Retro Toys | Keep It Sweet

One of the most iconic and most loved (or hated) retro toys is a Whoopee Cushion. This old time classic will have your friends in stitches or your mum shouting at you as you run away! This age-old prank toy is perfect for getting your own back on mean older siblings and will provide endless entertainment for you! Why not give this as a gift to a friend or use as a party bag filler and see who can catch each other out the most with this hilariously fun toy?

Another retro favourite that is sure to bring back fond childhood memories is Bouncing Putty. This colourful squidgy putty can be moulded and rolled into crazy shapes and bounced to your heart’s content! Or why not try out the similar Bouncing Putty Egg? Not only will it provide hours of fun, but the handy egg shaped container ensures that your putty doesn’t pick up any fluff or dirt when lying around. This retro toy would be perfect paired with some equally brightly coloured fruity Beach Mix sweets or some tangy, taste-bud tingling Apple Rings - yum!

Retro Toys and Retro Sweets are also the perfect combination for party bags. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding, we can help you create party bags to remember and that will keep your guests smiling well after the party’s over. One of our favourite items that is loved throughout the generations by adults and children alike is…Bubbles! These mesmerising crowd-pleasers are perfect for every occasion and never get old. Pocket Puzzle Bubbles are great for keeping the kids entertained trying to complete the ball game in the lid or our fantastic Champagne Bubbles in a very sophisticated mini champagne bottle container will ensure to bring back happy memories to your guests for weeks to come. Pair your bubbles with some sour Fizzy Fish or fruity Popping Candy to create a pop in your mouth as well as in the air!

Halloween may not be for a few months, but we have some spooky retro toys to scare your friends and family with all year round. Jumping Spiders are a classic boys toy which is so simple yet so fun. Simply squeeze the pump and watch this hairy monster leap towards its next victim. Or taunt your parents and siblings with a Flexiface - one of these staring at them from around the corner is sure to make them jump! Ensure to stock up on some Chocolate Cups or Jazzies if you want to avoid punishment after scaring your family and friends though; a Sherbet Lemon or two is perfect for sweetening their mood again.

Retro Toys not only make a great enjoyable gift for children, but will also bring back plenty of nostalgic memories and take adults on a trip down memory lane to carefree childhood days. With everyone glued to their phone screens 24/7, our range of fun little toys are perfect for winding down and allowing somebody a bit of traditional, old-school fun. A Spud Gun is a classic childhood toy that is just as fun for adults. Complete with a target and plastic pellets, all you need is a potato and shoot away - you’ll have to be quick and get in there before they’re all used up for the Sunday roast though!

Retro Toys are also a unique way to brighten up any party and add a little excitement to any work do or family get together. Wooly Willys are a classic magnetic toy with a so-called ‘magnetic personality’. Get creative with various taches, Mohawks or even a classic mullet to create hilarious versions of Willy and maybe even trying out some looks for yourself! Why not lay out a selection of Wooly Willys at a party or event and have a competition of who can create the best style? And once you’ve finished, simply start all over again!

One of our favourite fun little retro toys and one that has been much loved throughout the years is a Punch Balloon. Bish, bash and bounce away with these fabulously fun inflatable balloons that are suitably robust to keep the children entertained without any tragic bursting or unnecessary tears. Available in a variety of colours, these are sure to light up any party - just make sure you put away your favourite glass jars and china first!

View our full range of retro toys here and get selection some classic retro fun.