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Take your parents back to their school days with traditional sweets

Everyone’s parents have favourite childhood stories that they like to tell time after time. Why not give them a trip down memory lane and bring those memories back to life with traditional sweets?

Your parents may have a favourite sweet from their school days, or may simply have a sweet tooth for anything. From mouth-watering chocolate treats to tongue tingling sour sweets, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of the most popular traditional sweets are Gobstoppers. These brightly coloured delights are a childhood classic and are sure to reignite memories of being a child and seeing how long they will last or what colour they will turn your tongue! Perfect for sharing with the whole family, just be careful not to bite into them!

Traditional sweets would also make a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Our Boys Jars and Girls Jars are filled to the brim with traditional sweets and retro classics that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face and bring back lots of sweet memories. Packed with delicious sweets including Fruit Salads Chews, Poppets and White Mice, a traditional sweets jar will keep your parents going for weeks…you might even be able to sneak a few treats for yourself! Or why not see if your parents can still handle sour with a Sweet and Sour Jar filled with eye-watering Toxic Waste, Sour Cherries and more? It is sure to bring back school memories of seeing who could eat the sourest sweet without pulling a face!

We also offer traditional sweets from throughout the decades. Why not give your parents some sugary treats from the year they were born or from their school years? For example, Nut Brittle is the perfect mix of sweet and crunchy and first became popular in the 1960s.Maybe your parents remember being given this to munch on as child in order to keep quiet?

Whatever traditional sweets your parents enjoy, they are guaranteed to bring back fond memories of school days. So view our traditional sweets range today and treat your family to a sweet surprise.